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Power of shiva | Sucess Through Worship of lord Shiva

How to worship lord shiva?

, How to worship shiva to get powers, Why To worship lord shiva? how to pray to lord shiva for planetary peace?, Best ways to worship lord shiva, Power of shiva, How to get rid of evils by worshiping lord shiva?, What to do on Shiv ratri For Success?
How to worship lord shiva?  , How to worship shiva to get powers, Why To worship lord shiva? how to pray to lord shiva for planetary peace?, Best ways to worship lord shiva, Power of shiva, How to get rid of evils by worshiping lord shiva?, What to do on Shiv ratri For Success?
Power of shiva | Sucess Through Worship of lord Shiva

It is very easy to please the lord shiva. People from the world over like to worship lord shiva. There are many famous temples of shiva in the world. It is said that nothing is impossible for the devotee of shiva.

Lord shiva says to the devotees that if some one chant my mantra 'OM'then the person will get good destiny and knowledge too of the spiritual world. If this 'OM' is chanted on Chaturdasi with Ardra Nakshatra then the chanter will get tremendous result.

 'SHIV LINGa' is worshipped generally to get blessings of god shiva. It is the most good way to please lord shiva. It is good to worship shiv linga with the spell 'OM'.

In Rawan Shanhita the great scholar Rawan said about shiva pooja that It is good to make shiva ling with sacred soil or metal or stone in the bank of any spiritual place in auspicious time so that daily it must be worshipped properly. If the shiva ling is worshipped properly as per the process given in our holy epic then it provides great results to the devotees. 

Some Important Things About Shiva Pooja:

I am providing you here some easy ways to please lord shiva-

  1. It is said that if any person chant 10 thousand 'Om' daily then lord shiva blesses the person. The chant of Om purify the mind and thus the devotee developed the powers to get the grace of lord shiva. 
  2. If some one chant the Mantra 'Om Namah Shivay' 10 thousand daily then also the same result will come.
  3. If the above said is not possible then do this - chant 1 thousand spells or mantra of 'Namah Shivay'. It will also provide the grace of lord shiva. 
  4. By the grace of lord shiva the devotee gets easily the salvation. That's why it is said that it is good to reside in the area of shiva till death. 
  5. If some one do the ancestors upliftment process on the shiva temple area then no doubt the soul will be free from all sins and achieve the shiva loka.
  6. There are different results of shiva aradhna in different time for e.g. morning time shiv pooja is a part of regular routine life. But if some one want to fulfil physical desire then it is good to worship lord shiva in after noon. Evening shiva pooja provide powers to the worshipper. 
  7. Shiva pooja in the mid night is very powerful and provide the desired things to the devotee.
  8. It is good to do the shiv pooja by wearing Rudraksh.
  9. Holy ash is also good to keep during shiv pooja. 
  10. Worship of shiva in the bank of any holy river is very good and fulfil the desired wishes of person. 
  11. It is good to take the shiva mantra from any competent master.But if some one control over the anger and senses and do the chant of shiva Mantra then there is no need to take mantra from any master. 
  12. It is said that in this human life if a person don't do the shiva pooja then the life is worthless. 
  13. If you want the happiness of heaven then do shiv aradhna.
  14. There is no other worship greater than shiva pooja. 
  15. It is good to feed the hungry person after shiva pooja. It is good to provide cloths to the needy after shiva pooja.

Just remember that nothing is apart from shiva. The whole universe is the manifestation of lord shiva.

Go Here To Know The Shiv Pooja Vidhi

Some Powrful Rituals of Lord Shiva Which Changes the life:

  • If any person is having chronic health problem and no medicine is working and there is a danger in life then don't worry, just proceed for Mahamritunjay saadhna and feel the miracle by your self. 
  • If any one is having negative energy problem in home then offer holy water to shiv ling and collect the water then sprinkle it in every part of house. You will feel relief. 
  • 'Rudrabhishek' is another good way to over come from the hurdles of life. 
  • If there is a progeny problem then also by doing shiv aradhna in a special manner will help to have a good baby. 
  • Planetary problems can easily be minimized by doing shiv pooja. 
  • If rudrakhsha is charged with shiva mantra and worn then it protect the person from evils.

Shivratri Power:

Shivratri is the night of shiva. It is the most powerful night to do the spiritual practices. Lord shiva blesses teh devotees who do worship on this night. The scholars use this night to gain powers. Devotees of lord shiva do worship whole the night to get the blessings of lord shiva. Many types of rituals are done on this day like as-
  1. If some one is suffering from kaalsarp dosha then by doing special shanti process the person is able to minimize the ill effects of kalsarp. 
  2. If some one is suffering from evil eye effects then by doing tantrik anusthaan on this night will give relief. 
  3. Black magic remedies can easily be done on the night of shiv ratri. 
  4. If any one is suffering from pitra dosha or ancestors problem then by doing pooja on this day and night will help a lot. 
  5. Solutions of many problems like as personal problems, professional problems, education problems are possibles on this night of shiva. 
  6. If any one want special magical powers or spiritual powers then also this shivaratri is very helpful. 

What To Do On Shivratri ?

As it is said in our epics that shivratri is very auspicious night so don't waste this night. If you want my view i must say just keep yourself free from every work on the shivratri and engage in shiv pooja. 
Some tips i am providing which will help you to gt power on shivratri:

  • If you are capable then keep fast on shivratri.
  • Do light up a akhand deepak in your worship place for about 24 hours. 
  • Worship lord shiva by offering holy water, panchamrut, bel patra, dhatura etc. 
  • Do chant the shiv mantra 'om namah shivay' day and night.
  • Also do hawan with shiv mantra. 
  • Take a vow that you will regularly chant the shiv mantra or shiv spell for a specific time. 
I am confident that if you do this process then definitely you will find some miraculous changes in your life in a very short period of time.

If you want some special ritual to be done from my side on behalf of you then you are most welcome. Just send your details and i will suggest you what to do on shivratri to overcome from problems. 
Get the grace of lord shiva, get the power of lord shiva, just activate the powers within. 
Consult now to get the way of success through Occult sciences.
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How to worship lord shiva?, How to worship shiva to get powers, Why To worship lord shiva? how to pray to lord shiva for planetary peace?, Best ways to worship lord shiva, Power of shiva, How to get rid of evils by worshiping lord shiva?, What to do on Shiv ratri For Success?.


  1. Thanks a lot for giving this topic..It's mostly useful for all person in the world. i also chant "OM NAMA SIVAYA" regular 108 times after bath.. And i get awesome result within a few days.. I think everyone should do it to feel the real 'SHIVA BLESSINGS'.....

  2. im shiva bakth. Thanks for this information, i completed 3year of marriage, but i have not child. Plz help what can i do in god shiva pooja to get child

    1. It will be good if you perform pooja of whole shiva family together i.e. shiva with parvati mata, ganesha and kartikay and pray to bless you with a baby.
      If you want horoscope analysis then you can send the details of both of you in my email as per the instructions given in contact us page.

  3. i am in love with one boy and i want to do marriage with him but my family is not agree which creates problems due to this my professional life is also get affected i want to marry him after my family will agree there is any solution to make my family agree for this relation

    1. For this you have to send the details of both of you for match making, after proper analysis as per astrology, I can clear further solutions.


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