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Astrology for Self Employed Persons

Astrology for self employed persons, what to do as per astrology to get good return on investment. Self employed persons are very great because they have trust on their qualities, they are committed to use their full time to en-cash their knowledge. To be a self employed is not as easy as it seems because in today's time competition is too much so a self employed has to work much to prove the quality. Astrology for Self Employed Persons This article i am writing for the lions who want to prove their qualities in this world. If you have some qualities and want to establish your own firm then this article is for you,If you are an entrepreneur then this article is for you, if you are already self employed then this article is for you. If you are not getting success in your field then this article will clear you the ways to over come from the problems. read about  Career as per 10th House lord or Dushmesh . Self employed persons have a opportunity to get the name, fame,

Tips For Happy Married Life

Formula for Happy Married Life, Astrology reasons of unhappy married life, How to increase Body or sex power, stamina, How To be Physically fit and mentally sound, Steps To Change Your Night and Life, Secrets of Happy Personal Life, Sex enhancer food, acupressure points to increase power, Astrology and vastu ways to make married life better, Astrologer for Married life problems and solutions. If a person is physically fit and mentally sound then no one stop him or her to live a satisfactory life. But in this digital era this is not so easy. corporate pressure as well as family pressure always ready in front of us to dominate. Work load and hurry to achieve the goal as soon as possible has totally ruined the personal life of person. Because of which body is getting weak, stamina has decreased, Diseases surrounded us and life is getting lost. tips for happy married life So now it has become very much necessary that we must do something which keeps us energize and fresh so t

Make Your Presence Felt Through Astrology

Make your presence felt, make other know about your qualities, how to to make other knows about you- astrology guidance, how to increase the persuasive power through astrology, how to get a impressive personality through astrology?, what to do as per astrology to make a long lasting impact?, astrology and personality. Make Your Presence Felt Through Astrology It happens with many persons male and females that they are unable to make others feel about their presence. Due to their introvert nature their qualities are of no use. But in today age it is very necessary to show the qualities of yours to others so as to make impression and this also lead you to live a respectful life. If you are dominated by others then this article is for you, if you are suffering from inferiority complex then this article is for you, if you want to make you hypnotic personality then this article is for you, if you want success in over all life then this article is for you, If you want to win other

How To Be A Successful Teacher?

How to be a successful teacher?, how planets affects a teaching profession, lucky gems stone. A teacher is a person who is a creator. A teacher is a king maker, a teacher is a politician maker, a teacher is a society maker, a teacher is a public maker, a teacher is a maker of nation. This is the importance of a teacher. As a child learn many things from the teachers so teachers has the power to make the best professionals, social workers, politicians, soldiers, kings etc. How To Be A Successful Teacher? So it is the duty of persons who are in teaching field that they must give their best to be a good teacher. But it is not very easy. Because a teacher has to deal with different minded students. Many times we have seen that- Some teachers are very famous and are dear of students while others are not as dear in-spite of having good knowledge and degree. In some teachers' class students learn every thing easily but not with others. Some teachers are able to control stu

How To Be A Successful Sales Person?

How to be a successful sales person, how to increase persuasive power as per astrology to increase sales, planets responsible to increase salesmanship, lucky gems stones. Selling is an art. Only having a proper knowledge of a product is not sufficient but a persuasive power to convince the visitor that the product is worthy for him or her is the main power of a sales person. This is not an easy task because it is the game of dealing with the person mind, his need, his choice, his or her psychology. A great smart handling is needed in dealing with customers. A great smart words are necessary to deal with the customers. How To Be A Successful Sales Person? Only a versatile person is able to be a successful sales person. In this article i am going to reveal that how planets make a person powerful sales person, what are the qualities of a good sales person, how to develop the qualities of a sales person. Did you ever notice that - One person is able to fulfil his target

Planetary Powers To Be A Builder

Planetary powers to be a builder, astrology to get success in real estate world, tips to become a successful colonizer, How to get profit from property business? If you are interested in property, if you are interested to become a successful builder, if you are interested in becoming a successful colonizer, if you want to earn a huge profit from property business then this article is for you. Here you will find the factors affecting the property business the way to overcome from hurdles, the way to empower your personality to get success in building sector. Planetary Powers To Be A Builder Do you know that Mars and Saturn are very close to property or land. Therefore if any one has the power of one of these planet then there is a very chance to get success in property sector or building sector. In case if these 2 planets are malefic and person is in the field then definitely in long run he will get a loss from this sector. Lets's see some position of Mars and Saturn i

Chanakya Niti For Success

Chanakya Niti For Success Who is chanakya?, history of chanakya,  What is Chanakya Niti?, Importance of chankaya Niti, Personality development with chanakya niti, How to make our life successful with chanakya sutra?, Views of astroshree on chanakya niti. Chanakya was the founder of Naurya empire. He is known for his super intelligence and cleverness.The principles which he has followed has become the milestone for politicians  Chankya has studied the human psychology in very deep that's why chankya has well said on different aspects of life. I must say that if any one follow the principle of chanakya then it is not possible for the person to get defeat in any field.  Let's see the history of chanakya- The king of Magadh country was very luxuriant and was habitual of humiliating the maid sons time to time. No body dare to protest him as he was the king. Bt  Chandragupt maurya who was also a maid son was of something different mentality. He was in the sense

What is shaktipat?

Spritual Masters What is shaktipat?, How it is done?, Ways of shaktipat, Importance of shaktipat, Importance of Sadguru(Spiritual Master), What to do to get shaktipat?, Points to remember for the spiritual practitioner. OM GURU OM  May all the readers of this article get the right way to get the real success. Shaktipat is a very-very special process of activating the spiritual power with in the body by any spiritual master. It is the process of inner awakening by any sadguru. Shaktipat is the most precious process which is done only by a competent master. It is very important process for the spiritual seeker. The journey of the salvation start only after the shaktipat.  The journey to free our self from the worldly desires starts after shaktipat, the journey of real success starts after shaktipat. spiritual path is not so easy so to move in this path that's why we need a competant master also known as sadguru. How Shaktipat is done? There are many ways of

How to develop fortune with astrology?

How to develop fortune with astrology?, how to make our destiny powerful, what to do to live good life?, What practices makes our life better?, powerful tips to make our life better, easy ways to make our destiny powerful and stronger. How to develop fortune with astrology? Generally people ask from me how to develop our fortune, how to change the fortune. In this regard i just want to say that it is impossible to change the destiny as destiny is made by our past deeds but there is a way to make our future bright and powerful by doing the good deeds in present.  But a very important thing is that it is not possible to change the destiny but it is possible to develop our fortune as per our wish and astrology will help you a lot in this context. Through astrology you are able to probe in to your own personality. You are able to know your ins and outs, you are able to know your strengths and weaknesses, You are able to know  what type of incidents are going to happen in

Inner Awakening For Real Success

Inner awakening, meditation for transformation, The real success way, Kundalini awakening process, Benefit of inner awakening, tips for inner awakening, Power of guru in inner awakening, spiritual awakening,  Astrology and Inner awakening. Inner Awakening For Real Success People are in search of something special in life, they want some magic in life, they want satisfaction in life, they want real love in life, they want real peace, a smooth life, a healthy body and mind to enjoy the materialistic world but very few are lucky. A very bitter truth is that this is a evanescent world, nothing is immortal in this world so until we make our self attach with the eternal energy we will not get the real peace, real success, real satisfaction. Every one is running behind a mirage and it is not possible to attain it is a fact. So now what to do to get this real knowledge of real success. Here the inner awakening is necessary. It is very necessary for every human being to do some proc

Astrology Guidance For Development of Children

Astrology for Children, kids, guidance for better future of child, lucky gems stone, totkay for the success of children,  Zodiac signs and child astrology. Astrology Guidance For Development of Children Parents are very sensitive for their children even i am myself very attached with my daughter. Children gives a reason to live. Their smile, mischief, naughtiness makes our life cheerful. Attachment with children makes us to think about their real development. In this article i am focusing mainly on the over all development of a child or kids through astrology ways. If think that astrology can help you a lot to develop your children then this article will help you. If you think that any occult science will help you to make the life of your child better than this article will help you, If you are in search of a astrologer who can guide you better for kids development then you are at right place. Read about how to control children behavior through astrology? Through a

10 Ways To Over Come From Worries

10 Ways to over come from worries, astrology tips to over come from worries, Best tips to come out from negative thinking, Truth of life, spiritual views to over come from worrying. Worry is equal to the pyre. So why to worry?, why to think negative, why you are not enjoying your life fully, why not understanding the reality of world. Worry comes due to ignorance because in this world nothing is immortal, everything will get vanished with time. It is only illusion that something is with us and something we will get which will change our life. If you want to accept the truth then understand one thing that we are even unable to maintain our own body. At every second it is getting weak but we are just working to maintain it by artificial products. we are not able to stop the time. 10 Ways To Over Come From Worries It is said that before the time swallow you just wake up and do something to make your life better. If you are accepting this truth that this universe is evane

How To Forget Past Love

How to forget past love, Easiest ways to forget our past love, Tips to make our life happier, Motivating Tips by Motivator, spiritual healer, astrologer. How To Forget Past Love The memory of Love life of any person is very strong. It is very difficult to get rid of the memories of love life. If unfortunately breakup takes place then it is very difficult for the real lover to forget the time spend with the beloved. I am writing this article to help those persons who want to come out of the memories of past love life and want to enjoy the future. It is worthless to stick with the memories which are of no use. Those event will waste our time and money and also deprive with the happiness which are present in our door. So lets see some powerful ways to Enjoy the present and future: Analyze the Circumstances Practically: Why the breakup happened in life. If you analyze the circumstances deeply then you will find that there was lack of trust in relationship that's why the

Use of Occult Sciences To Increase Sales

Astrology remedies to increase sales, how to increase sales, how to increase hypnotic power to increase sales, yantra to increase sales, how to achieve target through occult sciences, Gems stones to increase sales, Tantra, mantra and yantra to increase sales. Use of Occult Sciences To Increase Sales Due to increasing competition pressure on sales force also increasing. Every company want to sell their product at any cost and for that they appoint sales executives, sales manager, sales team. But these persons are some times also unable to achieve the target due to different circumstances. Selling is an art but in-spite of having all the qualities in personality some time it is not possible to sell the product. Let's See Some Circumstances: If the product is good and you have full confident but the people are not buying it that means there is some problem in your planets. If the same product is sold by your colleague but you are not able to sell that means there is so

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