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Best Gems Stone For Success

Best Gems Stone For Success, What gems stones will give power to us, How to gems stones help us to increase our hypnotic power, How to get success through gems stones,Astrologer for best gems stones selection
best gems astrologer of india
Best Gems Stone For Success
The above are very important questions in life. Success is very important in life and every one of us want success in every part of life. But this is not possible by every one but it does not means that it is very difficult to get success in every segment of life.

There are various ways through which we can open our success way. There are various methods of astrology through which we can find the right way to get success in life.
Gems are one of the way to make the things done in life easily. Gems have special power which increases the deficient power in body and make it strong to do the desired work. If gems are charged properly then miraculous effects are seen in life. So don't worry if you are puzzled in life, don't worry if you are suffering from any thing, don't worry if you are not able to get the right way in your life.
One consultancy will change your life.

There are various types of gems stones are available in Market which have different powers and belongs to different planets too.

  • Ruby is a stone which is used to increase the power of Sun.
  • Pearl is a stone which is used to increase the power of Moon.
  • Coral gem is used to increase the power of Mars.
  • Emerald is used to increase the power of Mercury.
  • Yellow Sapphire is for Jupiter.
  • Diamond represent the Venus and is very good to increase the power of Venus planet.
  • Blue Sapphire or neelam is used for Saturn power.
  • Cat's eye ring is used to get power of Rahu.
  • Onyx is used for Ketu.
But this is not easy to decide which gem stone is good for us. It need proper study of horoscope or kundli and then only it is possible to find out what is good for us.
It is not advised to wear any gem stone just for the hobby or sake. As every gem stone has specific type of energy so it is very risky to use any gem stone without proper guidance.

Some important Facts related to Gems stones:

  1. Gems stones are able to give power to the wearer. 
  2. These are used to increase the power of a particular planet in the body. 
  3. It can make any planet strong in our life. 
  4. If Gem stone ring is charged with specific mantra or spell then miraculous effects are seen in life. 
  5. Charged rings of gems stones are also work as a kawach or shield.
  6. Combination of gems stones are also used to make life better. 
  7. Rings of gems stones are made with specific metal for better result. 
Through minute analysis of horoscope or kundli we can know which metal is used to make the ring of gem stone and therefore it is very necessary to get the horoscope checked. 
If there is no horoscope then also it is possible to find the correct gems stones. In that case palmistry is used or symptoms analysis is used. For that you have to consult. Some questions will be asked to you and then it will be decided what is best for you. 
Without hesitation, without doubt, without any negative thinking Use the stones to get success in your over all life.

Lucky Gems Stones, Tips Before wearing a gems stone, Types of Gems stones, Hindi names of Gems Stones, Hindi Names of Planets.
Gems stones are powerful source of energy. If you wear a gems stone which is good for you then it will give you every thing which you want in life- name, fame, money, status etc. So don't underestimate a gems stone. 
If you are wearing a stone without consulting then be serious and check your life that are you facing any difficulty or you are growing. 
Points To Remember:
  1. Please ask your consultant that do you really need a gems stone.
  2. Do not wear gems stones only to show.
  3.  Don't wear a stone just by reading a book.
  4. It is good to wear stone after getting it charged for better result.
  5. If your gems stone is damaged then replace it immediately.
  6. If you are having problem after wearing any gems stone then consult your consultant.
  7. It is not only necessary to wear precious stones always.

Types of Gems Stones:

For Every planet there is a particular gems stone. Gems stones are available in different weight. It is good to ask an experienced astrologer or gemologist about type and weight of gems stones before having it. 
  • Ruby(माणिक ) for Sun(सूर्य)
  • Pearl(मोती) for Moon(चन्द्र)
  • Coral(मूंगा) for Mars(मंगल)
  • Emerald(पन्ना) for Mercury(बुध)
  • Topaz(पुखराज) for Jupiter(गुरु)
  • Diamond(हीरा ) for Venus(शुक्र)
  • Blue Sapphire(नीलम) for saturn(शनि)
  • Gomed(गोमेद) for Rahu(राहू )
  • Lehsuniya(लहसुनिया) for Ketu(केतु)

How To Find a Lucky Stones?

There are many methods to find a lucky stones for any one like as -
  1. By studying kundli, horoscope or janm patrika.
  2. By Reading Palm.
  3. By using Dowsing method etc.

Get the best gems stone suggestions from Astrologer(Om Prakash Bhatnagar)is one of the Famous Astrologer  and gems stone consultant of India, who analyse birth chart minutely and suggest best ratna to enhance luck. If you are wearing gems stone which is not showing result then do consult one of the famous gems stone consultant to know the reasons and ways to wear gems stone.

Gems stones easily generate energy in body and mind and empower the personality with the needed power to make life successful as per science.

'Astrologer Om' method of prediction is completely different from other Astrologers as well as Numerologists because he does Calculations of the Degrees of the Planets affecting your Horoscope (Janam Kundli), He checks the Degrees of the Planets that whether they are in the state of Infancy, Old Age or the Degree Level of Planets is Moderate.

Astrologer is available World wide via email Whats-app and phone. Get the right way from One of the best astrologer Om Prakash by showing your birth chart/kundli/horoscope or your palm. World famous ASTROLOGER Astroshree(Om Prakash Bhatnagar) is a trusted name in vedic astrology. He not only provides GEMS STONE but also suggest best yantra to attract prosperity and happiness in family.

His years of experience in providing astrology consultancy services makes him best On line consultant.One of the famous ASTROLOGER in India is available to guide people.

ASTROLOGER Astroshree set the benchmark for Indian astrology. Astroshree has profound and deep knowledge of Vedic astrology, planetary positions, and impact of planets on human body and have effective solution of Kal Sarp, Manglik dosh, Pitra dosh, Shani dosh, black magic, Weak planetary powers, grahan yoga, chronic diseases etc.

Get the right way from One of the best astrologer Om Prakash by showing your birth chart/kundli/horoscope or your palm. A dedicated world famous ASTROLOGER Astroshree is always dedicated towards happiness of all. Make your left life better with guidance of astroshree. ASTROLOGER Astroshree is blessed with the skill of logical analysis of kundli which can assist you to solve your love problems, family problems, marriage problems, business problems, career problems, black magic etc.

Get the right way from One of the best astrologer Om Prakash by showing your birth chart/kundli/horoscope or your palm.

ASTROLOGER Astroshree(Om Prakash Bhatnagar) is India's famous ASTROLOGER for the solution of:-

  • Know about Gems stone for Love Problem Solution.
  • Get the best stone for Marriage problem Solution.
  • Child problem solutions through Ratna chikitsa.
  • Financial problem Solution through best gems stone.
  • Business Problem Solution by stone energy.
  • Know about best ratna for Career Problem Solution.
  • Chronic Diseases treatment by energy stones.
  • Black Magic Problems/Kala jadu.

If you are facing problems in married life due to mangal dosha or malefic planets then do contact best jyotish for solutions. If you are facing obstacles in job and personal life due to pitru dosha then do show your horoscope for best and easy remedies from astrologer.

If you are facing struggle due to shani sade sati or malefic saturn then do consult astrologer for best solutions. If due to black magic/kala jadoo your life is becoming hell then don't worry, just consult astrologer know and get the remedies. If due to kalsarp you are not able to make your life stable then do show your kundli and get the best solutions now. If you are in confusion about your career related problems then also get the astrology help from one of the best astrologer. If you are facing problems in love life then also astrologer can help you by reading your horoscope. Consult for match making and solutions of unmatched kundli.

Predictions based on vedic astrology, numerology, prashn kundli, horoscope charts, planetary positions, palm reading etc. is available here. Astrologer himself study every kundli and make predictions personally. He provides the best Gems stone consultancy by using his experience.

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Best Gems Stone For Success, What gems stones will give power to us, How to gems stones help us to increase our hypnotic power, How to get success through gems stones, Astrologer for best gems stones selection.


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