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Shani Amavsya What To Do

Shani Amavasya what to do, Importance or significance of no moon night on saturday, What Totkay are best on this day, how to solve problems related to malefic saturn. Know about remedies, know about black magic, evil eyes, pitru dosha remedies.
shani amavasya importance
what to do on shani amavasya

Shani amavasya is very important from the point of view of Hindu tradition. On this day fair held on the bank of rivers, people like to take bath on holy rivers and do rituals for the upliftment of ancestors. This day is also very important to get rid of the black magic problems, pitra dosha problems, evil eye effect problems. Shani pooja on this day has great importance. So amavasya on Saturday is very auspicious day to get rid of problems.

From the point of view of tantra also shani amavasya is very important.

Scholars do special process to gain power on this day, to overcome from sade sati, shani dhaiya, malefic saturn. The negative minded person also uses this night to do wrong with the people. So it is very necessary to keep our self protected from negative energies on this day.
  • If any one has grahan yoga in horoscope then it is good for him or her to not go on any negative area on shani amavasya. 
  • If the gan is rakshas then also it is good to keep our self away from the subversive places. 
  • The persons who has very weak planetary power may not go to any any negative energies place on shani amavasya.
  • If shani is malefic in horoscope then also it is good to not participate on any new work, debate etc. 
  • On this day it is good to keep our self engage in some spiritual practices.
  • It is good for the pregnant ladies to not go out on shani amavasya for any work.

Shani dev is a very powerful god and give the fruits of what ever a person sowed in his or her life. It is because people fear of shani dev. But there is no need to worry. Shani dev not only give problems but this god purify the life of a person and that's why it is very good to love shani deva, to worship shani deva on this auspicious day of shani amavasya. 
astrologer for shani sade sati problems and remedies
Shani Amavasya, A Powerful Night For Remedies

Who Can Perform Pooja On Shani Amavasya?

As per my experience i just want to clear that don't move with the mob, first of all consult astrologer and know that whether it is good for you or not to perform pooja on shani amavasya. For knowledge i am sharing my views about who can do pooja on this auspicious day.
  • If Shani is very malefic in horoscope or birth chart then it is good to proceed for shani shanti on this day. It is also good to keep fast and donate things of Saturn like as black sesame, mustard oil, black cloth, iron.
  • If shani is good in horoscope then don't try to donate the things of shani otherwise it may create disturbances in your life. 
  • If there is a Pitra dosha in horoscope then also the person proceed for the special rituals on this day. 
  • If a person is suffering from black magic, evil eye effects then on shani amavasya powerful rituals are done.
  • If shani is going on in mahadasha or antar dasha and if it is generating malefic effects then it is good to perform shani mahashanti, it is also good to donate the things of Saturn.
  • Some also perform pooja to getrid of Kalajadoo.

Simple Steps To Perform Shani Pooja To Over Come From Shani Malefic Effects:

  1. Get up early in the morning and take bath.
  2. Sit in your worship place and take a vow to have fast to over come from the problems. 
  3. Light the deepak, sticks.
  4. Offer blue flowers to shani deva and some bhoga. 
  5. Keep the things of shanideva to donate.
  6. Now Chant the spell of Shani deva as much as possible atleast 11000(Eleven thousand).
  7. Spell of Shani Deva:" Om Pram Prim Prom Sah shanaye Namah" You can take other one. 
  8. Now pray shani deva to bless you and ask him to accept your offerings. 
  9. Now take the things of shani deva and distribute it to needy people, needy brahmins etc. 
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This is the simple way to worship shani deva.
Use the shani amavasya to uplift your ancestors, use shani amavasya to uplift your own life, get blessings of shani deva, get blessings from the souls.
Protect your self from black magic, evil eye effects, negative energies.
  • You can solve your prosperity problem by worshipping properly on shani amavasya.
  • You can perform pooja to over come from debt.
  • You can perform pooja for business enhancement.
  • You can proceed to make your marriage life better.
  • You can perform rituals for progeny.
Live a successful life with the ways of astrology.

If you have any problem related to any planets then just contact and take proper guidance to uplift life, to get success in this life.

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शनि अमावस का महत्त्व जानिए हिंदी में 

Shani Amavasya what to do, Importance or significance of no moon night on saturday, What Totkay are best on this day, how to solve problems related to malefic saturn. Know about remedies, know about black magic, evil eyes, pitru dosha remedies.

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