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Astrology Works You Believe or Not

How Astrology Works, why astrology work, some important points related to jyotish. We can often find that people debate in a subject that astrology works or not. Some are in favor of astrology and take it as a science but some take it as superstition. This debate is going on for decades. There are many real astrologers who are regularly making research and guiding people on the basis of astrology principles and proving that this is a real science. People know about their future life, job or business success, time of marriage, love life, name, fame in society by using astrology . It is the study of impact of celestial bodies on human and related activities. Astrology Works You Believe or Not Another important thing to know about astrology is that this is the only subject which can reveal the future happenings and for which people have keen interest. Every one want to know what is hidden in future, what to do to avoid misshapen, loss, bad luck. Those who have not studied the

What is possible with self-hypnosis? Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

What is possible with self-hypnosis?, Know about Incredible power of self hypnosis. As earlier in my previous article i have already cleared about what is self hypnosis, what are the benefit of self vashikaran and why it is needed?.In this article i am giving details about what is possible through self-hypnosis technique? Which will make you more clear about this powerful technique. benefits of self hypnosis Self-hypnosis is not only used to develop mind power but with this many other healthy things are possible. It will not only make you mentally fit but it will help you to maintain physical body too. It will make impact in your every field positively. Many types of diseases can be cured with the help of self-hypnosis technique. Beauty can be increased with this divine way, Wishes can be fulfilled with this technique. Read about How To Empower Our Personality? . I am clearing you here with details What can we achieve through self-hypnosis technique: We can come out

The GRIP of Worldly Desires

The grip of worldly desires, how human entangle in materialistic things, how we lose whole life?. ||Shree Gurudev Sharanam|| Human birth is very auspicious but this universe is very magical and full of delusions, here human has entangled himself or herself by fulfilling dreams of different kinds.  The GRIP of Worldly Desires Human comes in this earth alone and with empty hand but when take birth, different kinds of temptation is ready to trap him or her. In childhood, toys are the best temptation and at young age, the wish to become powerful, to get marry with smart partner, to enjoy physical body, to do job to fulfill materialistic desires, to enhance status, to live luxurious life etc trap person and whole life passed out. In the old age person wait for the last breath at bed or serve family. Many senior citizens bear insult and live a pitiful life. After passing of time, the truth comes out that “Neither materialistic desires has fulfilled nor the god”. This is a

What is parad in Astrology

what is parad or mercury in Astrology?, understand parad or mercury, benefits of mercury, power of parad, worship of parad statues, parad shivling, parad, shree yantra, parad for successful life, Astrologer for best guidance to solve any problem. A metal which has great importance, a metal which gives a successful life, a metal which has the power to give health, wealth and prosperity. Do you want to know about that. So that metal is called PARAD OR MERCURY. As per our holy books parad is one of the best holy thing which has the power to make the life fruitful. What is parad in Astrology Parad or Mercury is not only used for the medical purpose but also has great spiritual importance too. In astrology also this is used to remove the hurdles of life. Astrologers recommend the parad shivlings for removing navgarah doshas. Here in this article, I am providing the magical power of parad and also we are providing the facility to get the original parad shivling and other h

How To Control Children? Tips To Control Son, Daughter

How To Control Children?, Astrology reasons of misbehavior of children, Ways to control the minds of children. In life many times different types of problems comes for which we need to take some special remedial measures. One of the major problem in current era is the problem of children behavior. How To Control Children Some times daughter is not behaving positively. Son is not obeying parents. They moves on wrong direction. Some times they become addict of wrong things. Due to wrong circle children take negative steps. Some times children take step for love marriage which is actually a infatuation. Children not take interest in studies. Some times they don't take steps to make a good career etc. So there are a lot of problems in this society which comes daily to me. Now the question is why children not obey their parents?, why they not follow the principles told by parents?, why they take wrong decision? Astrology Reasons: A very common answer of above

Auspicious Muhurth For Good Works

Auspicious Muhurth For Good Works by astrologer, Special Muhurth For Special Works by jyotish, Power of shubh muhurth, Sarwarthsiddhi yoga, amrit siddhi yoga, guru pushya yoga, ravi pushya yoga, pushkar yoga, Choghadiyaby astrologer. India is a great in its spiritual lores and the vedic astrology has proved its power in different aspects of life. Mahurat is one of the important part of astrology in which it is found that what is the best time to do a specific work. For different type of work different type of yogas are there.  In this article i am going to tell you about some special mahurat or auspicious time for auspicious work. shubh mahurat of daily What are the Benefits of Auspicious Time or Special Mahurat? It is said that if we perform any task in good time or special time or auspicious time then it will make a very positive impact in our life. It will help to make our life prosperous. Due to the power of auspicious time the chances to get success in any work

Related Day and Foods of Planets

Related Day and Foods of Planets, what to do to strengthen the planets and to minimize the impacts of malefic planets as per Laal kitab. easy remedies as per laal-kitab Planet Moon – If moon is weak in horoscope then it is good to eat kheer on Monday. Use silver utensils and wear white dresses. Do use tilak of white sandalwood, use pearl ring or pendent and wear silver jewelry. But if moon is malefic in horoscope then do donate the things related to moon. Planet Mars – The related day of mars is Tuesday, If mangal is weak in kundli then it is good to eat masoor daal on Tuesday, wear red cloths on Tuesday, do eat sweet chapattis, do keep red hanky in pocket. If mars is malefic in horoscope then do not use masoor dal, red cloths. Distribute sweets on Tuesday and do visit hanuman temple regularly. Read more about mars>> Planet Mercury – The related day of budh is Wednesday, if mercury is weak in horoscope then it is good to use green cloth on Wednesday and wear e

Hypnosis Wikipedia

Hypnosis Wikipedia, Power of sammohan or vashikaran,know the Science. As per the research i can say that hypnosis is a specific state of a person in which concentration is done on specific thing. In hypnotism instructions are given by a master and with these instruction the person is able to focus on only an specific target subject. Hypnosis Wikipedia There are many benefits of Hypnosis as per Wikipedia too : It is a way to get complete relaxation. it is also used in entertainment by magicians. Through hypnotism a person is able to focus on a specific subject deeply.  It is used in medical field and many types of problem are minimized with Hypnosis like as anxiety, abnormal behavior, negative behavior, lack of confidence etc. In psychotherapy it is used with the name hypnotherapy. National Institutes of health has declared in 1996 that Hypnosis is very effective in reducing pain in cancer patients. Let's Understand some Terms of Hypnosis: A) Self Hypnosis-

How To Keep Ourself Happy?

How To Keep Our-self Happy?, Tips to make our life wonderful. This is the question which came in my mind too when I was aware of happiness before some years. And believe this question also become a reason of my unhappiness. In my previous article Secret of Happiness I have already cleared about many important secrets about happiness and also we have seen the benefits of happiness. Here we will see some important ways to make our life wonderful. Because a time came when every situation was going opposite to me, I was not finding any moment which could make me happy. But I have never gave up and gradually I found the secret of happiness. How To Keep Ourself Happy? Let me share some important tips with you. 1. Man is a social animal and therefore needs companions to share feelings, ideas, thoughts etc. So always be in touch with your friends, relatives and good persons. This will help you to keep happy and normal. Many times I have heard from my clients that after ta

Secret Of Happiness | How To Practice Happiness?

Secret of Happiness, Do's and Don't s For happiness, Benefits of Happiness, Power of to be happy. A basic question which when asked from any one is what do you want in life?, and the most common answer is a HAPPY LIFE. But this is not so easy to get a happy and smooth life. It is not because it is not possible but the main thing is that we generally remain in a strange type of condition or I can say that we remains confused about our own life style, needs and the ways to achieve that. Secret Of Happiness | How To Practice Happiness? Happiness is possible, every one is able to live a healthy and happy life but due to pompousness, over expectations from our own self and others lead to live a dis-satisfactory life.  In this article I am focusing on the happiness i.e. what to do to get a happy life?, how to live a happy life?, how to maintain the happiness in life?. Let me ask you some simple questions- Do you have a happy family? Do you live your moments in ha

Laxmi Bandhan And Astrology Solutions

Laxmi Bandhan And Astrology Solutions, how to know that someone has restricted to earn money, know the solution from astrologer. Many calls I got time to time regarding laxmi bandhan. Business collapsed suddenly, job left suddenly, prosperous life ended and debt is increasing day by day, nothing is working. Here important thing to know is that it is not necessary that the reason is bandhan prayog, sometimes it happens due to impact of malefic planets too, so do use remedies only after consult astrologer.  In this article I am clearing about what is laxmi bandhan,how to know and what are the solutions? Laxmi Bandhan And Astrology Solutions What is laxmi bandhan? Sometimes it happens with someone that running business start collapsing, on job person is compelled to leave the job and all the earning sources blocked. One of the reason of this may be due to the impact of black magic by enemy or from any other person who is jealous of your good and happy life. Due to this m

Aquarius Astrology

Aquarius, The impact of Aquarius zodiac on personality, Aquarius astrology, nature of Aquarius person. Aquarius Astrology Ruling planet of Aquarius is Saturn. Element of Aquarius is Air. Characteristics determined with Aquarius are Intelligence, Pompousness, Mysterious personality, detachment etc. Gems stones related to Aquarius are Blue Sapphire. Day of Aquarius is Saturday. Best direction is west. Zodiac Signs Compatible With Aquarius are Aries, Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius. Non compatible Zodiac Signs With Aquarius are Pisces, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn. Watch Video here: Important Things About Aquarius: The eleventh sign in zodiac belt is Aquarius and it is ruled by Saturn. This sign makes the person self motivated, self standing. These types of persons do some special things in life and in different manner. Aquarius persons are full of energy and know how to use it for success. They also like to serve others. They are of very op

Capricorn Astrology

Capricorn, The impact of Capricorn zodiac on personality, Capricorn astrology, nature of Capricorn person, Astrologer for horoscope reading. Capricorn Astrology Ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. Element of Capricorn is Earth. Characteristics determined with Capricorn are Short tempered, service providing nature, moody, trust, sensitivity, sympathy, feeling of love. Gems stones related to Capricorn are blue sapphire. Day of Capricorn is Saturday. Best direction for you is south. Zodiac Signs Compatible With Capricorn are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces and Libra. Non compatible Zodiac Signs With Capricorn are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>>   Watch video here: Important Things About Capricorn: Saturn governs the zodiac Capricorn and it is the 10 sign in zodiac belt. These persons are very careful and service oriented. In nature they are a little bit introvert and due to this they loose