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What Is Black Friday And Astrology Relations With Black Friday

What is Black Friday?, Importance of Black Friday, Tips For Black Friday, Astrology and Black Friday, Astrology Tips To Make The Black Friday Prosperous. In these days black Friday is taken as a great shopping day. Simply we can also understand this day as the auspicious day to save money, to shop and the starting of Christmas shopping. Black Friday comes just after thanks giving celebrations. What Is Black Friday And Astrology Relations With Black Friday This is the black Friday when every one makes mood to shop with some great offer. This is black Friday for which people wait for long to buy some important things for house, office etc. This is the black Friday when there is huge lines of buyers seen outside the shop. This is the black Friday when there offers are there for every one in shops. Shopkeepers also prepare for this day for long. Full craze is seen every where, excitement is seen in the face of every one on this day. So actually this day is one of the

Secret Of Awantika City -Ujjain

Secret Of Awantika City -Ujjain,  The great importance of Awantika Region- Ujjaini, How to live in Awantika area, How to perform mahakal yatra for best results, Secret of Mahakaleshwar and Ujjain, A place for getting divine powers, city of shiva, Simhastha City.  Skand puran is one of the divine epic which has the information related to lord shiva mainly. In this puran the 5th part is related with Awantika Area which is one of the divine and magical region to perform spiritual practices. awantika city This awantika area is now a days Ujjaini or Ujjain. One of the great and spiritual places and the foremost thing about this city is the presence of world famous Mahakal Temple. The god who has control over time, who has the ability to change the death time of a person too, who has the ability to provide any thing in life, and that is the god Mahakaal. As per the awantika puran lord shiva is describing that Ujjain is such a sacred place that a person can over come from any t

What is Kemdrum Yoga In Indian Astrology ? Effects And Remedies

What is Kemdrum Yoga?, How It Is Form In Horoscope or Kundli, Effect of This yoga, Remedies of kemdrum yoga, Perfect solution of kemdrum yoga for smooth life. In Indian astrology yogas are very important as it affects the whole life of a person.Astrology horoscope reveals the whole life of a person. In this article we will find what is kemdrum yoga in indian astrology horoscope or kundli, what are it's effect and remedies of this yoga. Kemdrum Yoga Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>> What is Kemdrum yoga ? Kemdrum yoga is very important in indian astrology horoscope or kundli. So knowledge of this yoga will reveal many aspects of life. When there is no Planet in 2nd and 12th place from moon in indian astrology horoscope or kundli then Kemdrum yoga form , This is the general definition of kemdrum yoga. But there are many other conditions when this yoga forms let's study it point by point : Kemdrum Yoga In Indian Astrology | Effects | Remedies

Some General Reasons Of Problems

Some general reasons of problems, What is problem, why we face problems, role of planets in generating problems, what to do when not able to over come from any problems, Is it possible to predict any problem through astrology, how to use astrology to get rid of any problem. In reality we can't imagine life without any problem. Now the question is what is problem, why this came and how to over come. In this article I am sharing my views on this very important topic of life. General Reasons Of Problems What is problem? In general way I want to say that Problem is a situation which is not handled by us and by which we become frustrate, depressed, uncomfortable etc. Now next thing to know is that problems arises in life because of various things: Ist is due to destiny.  Second is due to our decisions and work. Third is due to our way of thinking. Let's understand this with an example if any one has problem in any organ right from birth then this is due to destin

Impacts Of Venus In 12 Houses of Horoscope or Kundli

Impacts of Venus/Shukra in 12 houses of kundli, Learn About Venus.Shukra, know about the effects of shukra in 12 houses of horoscope, how Shukra puts impacts in our life, astrologer for horoscope reading and astrology tips for successful life.  The planet which is making a person successful in glamour industry, romantic life, love life social life is Shukra. If Venus is good in horoscope then no doubt person is attractive, fascinating, full of energy. Exalted Venus person has the good power to attract the opposite sex and lives life happily. It represent many important things in life like marriage, foreign travel, love, interest in arts, cleanliness etc. Venus In 12 Houses of Horoscope or Kundli Malefic Venus gives rise to many types of venereal diseases and also weakens the sexual power. People are generally very much interested in knowing about the state and position of shukra in kundli/horoscope.  Let's see some important effects of Venus in Life as per 12 houses of

16 Remedies For Getting Rich

Getting rich is the basic dream of generally every one and therefore ever one try to do something to attract money to get rich. Some gets passed and some gets failed. Now before moving further let's understand what is the meaning of rich. 16 Remedies For Getting Rich Rich person means who has lot of money and who don't need to sacrifice anywhere because of money. But in broad means rich means the person who has the ability to move in society without any type of problems and for that money is the primary need. In astrology also there are various ways to find out whether there is a yoga to become rich or not in horoscope. So and daily I got several mails from different parts of countries who want to become rich and they also want to know the best ways. Here I want to say that becoming rich depends upon 2 things. Ist is on Hard working and 2nd is on destiny which is also called fate or Bhagya in hindi. If you have the capacity to work hard and if you have the mind to s

Mirror Astrology

Do yo know that mirror are use as a remedial measures in vastu, Mirrors have great power to attract positive energies, to reflect negative energies, Mirrors are also used to remove the vastu dosha, mirrors are also used to open the ways of monetary sources.  Mirror Astrology So if this common thing is used properly then no doubt we can open our ways to success. Here in this article I am going to provide information to use mirror in daily life, in house, in business place, in interior and in exterior.  Some Precaution With Mirrors: In the south direction, West direction, South-west direction, don't use the mirror. Don't use the shinning tiles in the above direction. Otherwise it will enhance the negative energies.  Don't use any defective mirrors in house, business place etc.  Don't use the cupboards having mirrors in bed room.  Don't install mirror facing towards main door. Don't buy and install mirrors in bad time. Where To use Mirror:

Hanumanji Totkay For Success

Hanumanji totkay for success, how to please hanumanji, how to get blessings of hanumanji, how to protect our self from negativity. Hanumanji is the god of this era, by the blessings of supreme power Hanumanji is present in kaliyug too. Many devotees of hanumanji has felt the presence of pawan putra hanumanji in shree ram katha, sundar kand etc. Hanumanji Totkay For Success He is got the blessings of every gods. He is also known as mahavir, rudravtar, pawan putra, anjani putra etc. There is no problem in this world which can't be minimized by the worship of hanumanji. Also it is not very typical to perform the hanumanji pooja. He is the most devoted devotee of Shree Ram and is omnipotent, omniscient and omni-powerful. He has devoted his whole life in serving shree ram as per our scriptures.  Hanumanji worship is the solution of black magic, pooja of pawan putra is the solution of financial problems, health problems, negative energies problem, study problems, fear pr

Surya Saadhna For Success

Sadhana of the Sun, how to please sun, how to attract the blessings of god Sun, How to increase power of Sun/surya. Sun is the planet which is responsible for name, fame, power, positive aura, knowledge of different subjects etc. We can't live life without Sun, It is also called surya, suraj, bhaskar etc. Sun is the king of all planets and all the other planets revolve round the Surya. When in Kundli/horoscope/birth chart Sun become malefic then person faces pitra dosha, defame, losses due to not taking right decision etc. how to perform surya sadhna If this planet become weak then also person is not able to live a successful life. Sun is the planet which we can see directly through physical eyes and so it's worship is easy . This is the planet which gives us energy, light, heat etc. Every living and non living things gets energy from Sun and so it is very important for every one. Importance Of Surya Saadhna/Sun Worship: If any one want creativity, fame, knowled

Magical World Of Meditation

Magical world of meditation, divine world of meditation, strange world within, power within, the spiritual world within, Secret Inside the body. Did you ever think why swami vivekananda was sitting in meditation for long time, why he swims in the sea and sit for hours in the rock which is between the sea. Did you ever think why the siddhas sit in meditation for long, did you ever think why every real master shows you the way of meditation. What is that which attract the persons to sit in a stable asan to meditate, what is that temptation which attract a person to sit alone for hours. what a person can get in meditation, what a person can achieve by doing meditation. This subject is not simple for a common person and also it is not open for a spiritual person too. Magical World Of Meditation As per the information which is available in the autobiography of siddhas there is a magical world within, there is a divine world within, there is a powerful world within, there is

Hanuman Saadhna For Strength and Power

Hanuman Sadhana, the way to success, the way to increase strength and power, Easy spell/mantra of hanumanji, the easy and best way to protect from evil eye effects and black magic. The god who is the part of lord shiva, the god who is known for his devotion for lord Shree Ram, the only god who has the powers of all the deities within is Hanumanji. He is the source of power, no one is as powerful as hanumanji, no one is as knowledgeable as hanumanji. He is known for his bhakti for shree ram. Hanuman Saadhna For Strength and Power In this kalyug people have felt his presence by doing continuous sadhna/practice. There is no doubt that hanumanji bless the person who devoted himself to him. No black magic is possible on any one if hanumanji bless him or her, no evil eye effects/najar dosha can ruin any one life if hanumanji protect him or her. He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. We can learn from him the lesson of devotion, discipline, how to use power for well-being o

What is Panchopchaar Puja ?

What is Panchopchara puja, how to perform panchopchar pooja, benefits of puja, things used in panchopchar-puja. Puja in Hindu religion is done generally by every one, this is a process in which devotee offer so many things to god or goddess and show gratitude. Panchopchara-Pooja is a special puja process in which 5 sacred things are offered to god or goddess. It is a process to honour the divine powers. All these five things has its own importance. What is Panchopchaar Puja ? The Five Things Used in PANCHOPCHARA PUJA are as following: Gandh in which paste of chandan is generally used. It generally cools the body and the natural fragrance sooths us. It has a great healing power too. While offering Gandh the following sentence is used by brahmins - "Gandham vilepyami". Flowers/Pushp of different types are offered to the divine powers, it is said that without flowers puja is not supposed to be complete. They also spread natural fragrance and there are different t

Kala Jadu Hone Par Bachne Ke Upaay

Kala Jadu Hone Par Bachne Ke UpaayAdd caption Kala jadu ka khauf itna rahta hai logo ke dil me ki thoda bhi kuch anhoni hone lage to bahut se log sirf aisa sochne lagte hain ki kisi ne kala jadu kar diya hai. Aise log jo bahut teji se tarakki kar rahe hai aur unke jalne wale bahut hai, aise logo ko kale jadu se khatra rahta hai. Aise log jinke shatru bahut badhte jaa rahe hai, aise logo ko bhi black magic se khatra jyada rahta hai. Aur aise log jo kale jadu ka stemaal logo ko haani panhuchaane ke liye karte hai, unko bhi kale jadu se bahut khatra rahta hai. Jo log pooja path, daan-dharm aadi karte rahte hain unko ishwar kripa se koi khatra nahi hota hai parantu kai baar kuch aise prayog kiye jate hain ki unse bachnaa naamumkin sa ho jaata hai. Aise me thos upaayo ki jarurat hoti hai. Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>> Kuch baate awashya dhyaan mai rakhiye: Agar achanak se dhan haani hone lage to sidhe kale jadu ke bare me na soche, pahle KISI ACHH

Some Facts Related To Reduce Fat

Some facts related to reduce fat, reasons of fat, FREE tips to reduce fat, motapa ke karan aur motapa hatane ke asaan upaay, habits responsible for fat. It is usually seen that unwanted fat seen in our body in different parts and generally near waist. Unknowingly our some habits are responsible for increasing fat in body so if we focus on our own behavior, habits then it is a fact that we can easily control the fat and also we will be able to reduce fat. Some Facts Related To Reduce Fat Fat is a rapidly growing problem in whole the world and so in various countries, important steps are taken to control fat or motapa. Fat is the basic reason of heart problems, blood pressure problems, constipation, low energy etc. So fat is not only dangerous for the person but also harmful for the family, nation, country. As per the news published in a famous national news paper in many countries strong rules has been made to control fat. In Japan Males who has more than 33.5 inch waist and