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Powerful Day On 5 June 2020 To Enhance Venus

In this article we are going to learn about a a good day to perform venus related prayers, benefits of powerful venus in life, sufferings due to malefic or debilitated sukra in kundli, some free tips to make Venus stronger in horoscope.
Venus planet is very important in life because this planet is most responsible for luxury, love, entertainment etc. in life.
On seeing the life of the person who have strong venus in horoscope, people start wishing to live life like them. And people who have weak or malefic shukra in horoscope suffer with lots of problems in life.
In this article, we are going to know about the special day when everyone can do special experiments to strengthen Venus. 5 june 2020, yes! This day is very special because 3 coincidences are being made on this day, so that special benefits can be availed on this day. Why is 5 june 2020 special: This day is Friday, which is the day of the planet Venus, as well as the day of goddess Lakshmi. There is also a full moon on this …

9 Body Language and their meaning

Body language is very important in life. Our gestures shows that what we want in life, what we want in present situation. Our gestures also shows how we want to make relations with others. Our body language shows that how what is going on in our mind. So it is very necessary to understand about it. So that we may use our own language for a better life.
Body language is very important and we can know many thing just by reading the body gestures of any person. In occult sciences also details about gestures are given which is also read by astrologers. Here in this article I am going to reveal the mystery of meanings of some body language.
1. Hiding Hands: If any one is hiding hands behind or in legs or anywhere else then it means that the person wants to hide something. By talking to that person it is not possible to know the exact matter. 2. Keeping Head Down: If any one is listening to you by keeping the head down that means that he or she is putting full focus on you. The person is u…

Effects Of black magic on land or house

How to know that when someone is making black magic on our land or house?
Before knowing facts related to above topic it is necessary to have answers of some questions otherwise mind entangle in doubts.
First of all it is necessary to believe that there is existence of black magic, it is real and only victims can give you proof. As an astrologer I have personally met those people who were living a life like hell and after adopting the proper ways, there life has changed.
It is as true as there is existence of sun, moon, sky. So no need to question on this matter. In my previous articles I have shown examples of those places where one can see the effect of black magic clearly. Black magic is done to to harm someone by using super natural force. Many businessmen, happy family are washed away because of this evil magic. t is necessary to know some common symptoms of kala jadu. Now how to know that someone is making black magic on house or land? This is a very important question and it …

Is occult science really exist how we come to know about occult

Is occult science really exist how we come to know about occult?, Explanation by astrologer om prakash(
Occult science is a subject of interest of mostly everyone, some people agree with the existence of this and some don’t accept it’s existence. The debate on this subject is going on for decades but in this article I will reveal many example which will confirm that YES! Occult science exists. What is occult science? First of all let’s understand this subject. Sciences which deal with supernatural powers are come under occult sciences. For example the tantra practices as per hindu culture, Louisiana Voodoo, black magic, etc. In this digital age, we can't ignore the use of supernatural practices in the different places in this world. People are using this to fulfill wishes anyhow. So this is not a myth. Occult practitioners use spells, meditation, some particular things to perform special process to fulfill wishes and this work. In Vedas too, many rituals are given …

How Day Affect the Personality of Person as per astrology?

Know Personality By Birth Day, how days affect any one nature as per astrology by astrologer

By using astrology we can know many secrets of life like nature of person, life of person, good and bad time etc.

There are 7 days in a week and every one take birth in one of the day. Every day is related with a specific planet and so when any one take birth on a specific day then his or her personality has impact of that planet. That's why we find change in every one personality.
 In our earlier lessons, we have learnt many things about vedic astrology and now we are moving further to know more about predictions. In this lesson of astrology We will read about how birth day change the personality or how to know about the personality of a person by knowing the birth day. Although we cannot know every thing but some knowledge can be revealed by knowing the birth day. 
There are 7 days in a week  and are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. All the days has specifi…

Piles Disease Astrology Reasons and Treatment

Astrology Reasons of Piles disease, Different ways to treat Bawasir, Important questions related to piles diseases and treatments, FAQ related to PILES/HEMORRHOIDS/BAWASIR.
Understand Piles Problem? Piles problem is a very painful problem, we also call it hemorrhoids. In hindi we call it BAWASEER. A very interesting thing about this is that every person have piles in anus but the problem started when swelling comes in them due to pressure, cut etc. Why Piles/hemorrhoids Problems Arises? There are may be various reasons of piles. Let's see some cause of bawasir - If any one use too much pressure while doing toilet then piles problems may arise.Digestion problem is one of the major cause of hemorrhoids.Luxurious life style also create piles problems.Too much dependency on fast food is also a big reason of bawasir.Regular constipation may also cause piles.Lack of fiber intake in meal also create piles.Hard stool is also a big reason of piles.Not drinking proper water daily. Can change…

Houses in kundli or horoscope

Direction of planets, taste and planets, relation of season with planets, names of houses. Understand Houses Of Kundli Or Horoscope, free lesson of astrology on line on 12 houses of horoscope.

Now it's time to know more about horoscope in free astrology lesson. In this article we will see about number of houses in kundli, there meaning, how they affect our life, what to predict from houses as per astrology and many more things.
If you have horoscope then you can find a box in which numbers are written and planets are present in different places. The number represents zodiacs and planets are present in different houses.  There are 12 houses present in any horoscope which represent different segments of life. An astrologer study the houses to predict life.

The numbers are related with different zodiacs like as 1 for aries, 2 for taurus, 3 for gemini, 4 for cancer, 5 for leo, 6 for virgo, 7 for libra, 8 for scorpio, 9 for sagittarius, 10 for capricorn, 11 for aquarius, 12 for pisces.…

Benefits Of Sankalp Mantra

Everyone knows about the sankalp, who has done worship at some place. Panditji must take a pledge before performing any puja. Now the question arises as to why is sankalp is necessary and what are its benefits.
Can ordinary people also take pledge at the time of worship?Should the sankalp be taken in Sanskrit?Worship without any pledge will not have any effect?
These are some important questions that go on in the minds of some people. So let's overcome these doubts in today's article. What is Sankalpa? We have often seen that whenever we take some pledge, we start working at a fast pace and we get success, this is the power of sankalpa. When any resolution is taken, the mind gets a direction and our mind is focused and puts all its strength in achieving that goal.Therefore, determination helps the mind to make a firm goal.
In our Vedas, the law of taking sankalp before performing every puja has also been told, that is why any Panditji or Brahmin Dev must take a pledge before wo…

What Nakshatra Says About A Person?

About nature and personality of person born on 27 nakshatra as per vedic astrology, predictions through nakshatra, free lesson. 

In this lesson we are going to read about how nakshatra impacts on any one i.e. personality of a person as per nakshatra, classification of nakshatra etc.
Every one take birth in special nakshatra and the impact of that nashatra is seen in the personality/nature of person. So by knowing the birth nakshatra we can know about many things by checking the nakshatra of any one. We can classify NAKSHATRA in following categories:Dhruv Nakshatra- Uttara falguni, Uttara shada, uttarabhadrapad and Rohini are dhruv nakshatra.Nikshan Nakshatra- Ardra, Jyestha, Mool, Slesha are Nikshn.Poorwafalguni, poorwashada, poorwabhadrapad and magha are Ugra Nakshatra.Laghu Nakshatra - Ashwini, Pushya, Hastha and Abhijit are Laghu Nakshatra.Mridu Nakshatra - Mrigshira, Chitra, Anuradha, Rewati are Mridu Nakshatra.Mridu Tikshn Nakshatra - Kritika and Vishakha are Mridu Tikshan Naksha…

Days And Nakshatra In Vedic Astrology

Days and nakshatr, significance of knowing master of days and nakshatra, mool nakshatra details as per vedic astrology.

Astrology is a sea and there is no limit of knowledge, life long learning process is needed to enhance knowledge.
In this astrology lesson we are going to read about days and nakshatra in indian astrology.
Nakshatra are constellation which has great impacts in our life. Every nakshatra has a master and every day has also master. In this lesson we will see who is the master of which day and nakshatra. We will also see the reality of Mool Nakshatra in this article.

There are 7 days in a week and they are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, saturday and there masters are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. In the same way there are 27 nakshatra like Ashwini, Bharani, kritika, rohini, ardra etc and they also have there own masters. It is necessary to know about there masters too. Importance Of Knowing Masters Of Days And Nakshatra: This is…

Significance of Amavasya With Shani Jayanti

Significance of shani jayanti with amavasya as per vedic astrology, what to do to attract health, wealth and prosperity on this auspicious day, astrologer guidance and predictions.
In India shani jaynti is celebrated with great joy and devotees of lord saturn offer special prayers in the temple of shani dev. In this article we will see that why the day becomes most important when shani jayanti falls on amamasya.
On 22nd may,2020, shani jayanti is falling and with this amavasya will also enhance the importance of this day.
Shani de is the lord of justice and so everyone have a fear of lord saturn because as per vedic astrology during the transit of saturn native get the results of his or her deeds in past. And so the prayers related to shani dev keeps special importance for everyone.
Shani jayanti when falls on amavsya then enhance the power of day and make this day important to perform rituals to remove hurdles of life.
Those people who are facing too much problems and struggle in lif…