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Manglagauri Vrat Importance as per astrology

The importance of Mangla Gauri fast, how to do this fast, who should do Mangla Gauri fast and when ?, know everything in this article.

Mangala gauri vrat is done in saawan month every year. This fast is very useful for females who are facing marriage problem and progeny problem. Also those couple who are facing trouble in life after marriage can also take benefits of this fast. Females who are suffering in life due to mangalik dosha in horoscope can also take good advantage of this mangala gauri fast.

2022 Manglagauri Vrat Importance as per astrology
Manglagauri Vrat Importance as per astrology

This is the solutions of many problems in life. This fast is a surefire way to get the blessings of Goddess Parvati. In the year 2023, all will get the 9 powerful days to make life wonderful and these are 4th july, 11th,  18th , 25th july  and 1, 8,15, 22 and 29th of august.

Let’s know step by step process to perform this Mangala gauri fast:

  1. Agar aap is din ka laabh lene ke ichuk hai to aapko ye karna chahiye-
  2. On this day, wakeup at Brahma Mahurat.
  3. After getting free from daily routine, put a picture of goddess gauri on a board or chauki which must be covered with a red cloth. Offer Deepak of ghee and dhoop then take sankalp i.e. why you are doing this fast. You can take sankalp in your own mother tongue or in Sanskrit which is given here - 'मम पुत्रापौत्रासौभाग्यवृद्धये श्रीमंगलागौरीप्रीत्यर्थं पंचवर्षपर्यन्तं मंगलागौरीव्रतमहं करिष्ये’
  4. Do take fariyal or fruits 1 time if you are doing this fast.
  5. Do 1 thing in mind that you must offer everything in 16 number i.e. garland, cardamom, clove, beetal nut, betel leaf, laddu, bangles and sweets.
  6. With this you can offer Panchmeva i.e. 5 types of dry fruits and 7 types of cereals like wheat, urad daal, moong daal, chana daal, rice, jau, masoor.
  7. After this do listen the story of goddess mangala gauri which is givne in short here : There was a rich person who had no children. Both husband and wife did worship of maa parwati and got a child but due to curse the child has got only 16 years of age. The guruji of seth advised that marry the boy before 16 years with a girl who has performed mangala gauri fast. This will save the boy. And the seth did the same thing and boy was saved from Akaal mrityu/premature death.
And from that time devotees are doing this fast for healthy life of children and husband.

Let’s know the Benefits f This Mangala Gauri Fast:

  • Women observe this fast for the health of their son as well as for the long life of their husband.
  • Girls who are not getting married also get a good life partner by observing this fast.
  • Mangala Gauri fast is done to get good luck.
  • There are some couples among whom there is a possibility of divorce, those women can also make their lives happy with the effect of this fast.
  • If there is mangal dosha in horoscope due to which life is suffering a lot then also this fast of mangala gauri is very useful. By blessings of goddess, one can make life happier and successful.
  • Note: After performing this vrat if you worship 16 girls and satisfy then with food, money and gifts then this will enhance the benefits of this fast a lot.
  • If you are facing marriage problem in life, love problem in life, relationships problems in life then do consult astrologer for minute analysis of your birth chart and solutions.
  • Know which gems stone will enhance your luck.
  • Know that due to which reason your marriage is not happening.
  • Why there is problem between husband and wife.

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The importance of Mangla Gauri fast, how to do this fast, मंगला गौरी व्रत की महिमा हिंदी में, who should do Mangla Gauri fast and when ?, know everything in this article.


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