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Magical Use Of Sandalwaood Chandan

Magical use of sandalwood, sandal and astrological experiments, how to use sandalwood for beauty, totkay of chandan, tip to enhance love in life.

We are all familiar with the name of sandalwood, in hindi we call it Chandan. Sandalwood is very famous due to its special qualities and there is a great demand for real sandalwood. Due to its qualities, there is high demand of original sandalwood and is also very expensive. 

all about Magical Use Of Sandalwaood Chandan in astrology by best astrologer in india
Magical Use Of Sandalwaood Chandan

What is sandalwood?

In fact, there are sandalwood trees, these are cut and sandal is extracted from it. The original usable and beneficial sandalwood is received from inside the trunk of tree, which is in great demand.

It’s nature is cold and it is very beneficial for health, out of which it smells very good due to which people like it a lot, it is used in worshiping, making medicines, etc. In this article, we are going to tell you some simple uses of sandalwood from health point of view as well astrology point of view. Sandalwood can be used to enhance health, to enhance beauty and to solve problems of life. 

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Let’s know Some special uses of sandalwood to enhance beauty:

  • If you are troubled by pimples or if the stains of pimples are reducing your beauty then don't worry. Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder and apply it on the face for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash the face, it will give you freshness, continuous use will reduce pimples, also soften skin and enhance the beauty.
  • If the skin has turned black due to sun rays somewhere in the body then do this - make a paste by mixing 4 teaspoons of sandalwood powder, 2 teaspoons of almond oil, 5 teaspoons of coconut oil and put it on the affected part, after drying Wash it, it will benefit a lot.
  • If there is headache due to heat in body, if the eyes are sore then do this- make sandalwood and saffron paste, then apply it on the forehead, do this continuously for a few days and you will see the benefit automatically.
  • If bathed daily by applying sandal paste, the body is definitely free from germs and become beautiful. It helps in removing any type of skin disease.
  • If there is a lot of itching in the body, do this - mix sandalwood powder and turmeric in 1 teaspoon lemon juice, then apply this paste on the affected part, you will get benefit.
  • Research shows that applying the sandalwood dot on third eye position daily calms the brain and also increases the intellectual capacity of the person.
  • If heat is increasing in body due to long meditation then use the sandlewood paste on forehead. 
  • Havan with sandal wood is also found very beneficial to clear the environment from germs. Sandalwood is an antibiotic, so its use remains beneficial.

Let us know some Magical uses of sandalwood:

  1. Bringing the root of the sandalwood tree on Ravi Pushya or guru pushya yoga and keeping it in the safe open the way to brings money in life, prosperity starts to increase in the family.
  2. If the enemy is troubling, in such a situation, by chanting any Mantra of goddess Kali on the garland of red sandalwood and offering it to goddess will dominate the enemy. This experiment is very successful in Navratri.
  3. If the enemy is causing trouble again and again, make red sandalwood ink, write the name of the enemy on the bhojpatr and if you get his photo, then take it too. On Amavasya, dip it in honey and then bury this bottle in any cremation ground, the enemy will become weak.
  4. If there is a SARP DOSHA, in the horoscope, then before going to work every day, go to a Nag temple and apply chandan itar to Nag Devat, it will show miraculous benefits in your life.
  5. If you are having difficulty in saving, then on Guru Pushya, or Ravi Pushya or in Navratri, sprinkle the red sandal powder in your safe then put a red cloth on it, now keep your money, jewelry etc. on it, it will increase the prosperity.
  6. If you love someone and want to make your relationship strong, then make red sandal ink and then take a photo in which both of you are oresent, write the name of both behind the photo and dip it in honey. Keep this bottle in a red cloth and then keep it secretly in safe place. This will strengthen your relationship with your lover, do this activity on Friday or on full moon or on Friday of Navratri.
  7. If you have become familiar with the qualities of sandal then you can lead a healthy life by using sandal. Sandalwood is suitable for everyone, everyone can use it for health and prosperity.

If you are suffering from any problems in life then do consult astrologer, show your horoscope and get the best remedies of your problems.

  • Know about lucky prayers for you.
  • Know about best career.
  • Get the best lucky gem stone for you as per your horoscope. 
  • Get black magic remedies to protect yourself and your family.

Magical use of sandalwood, sandal and astrological experiments, चन्दन के चमत्कारी प्रयोग, how to use sandalwood for beauty, totkay of chandan, tip to enhance love in life.


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