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New year 2022 Predictions rashifal

Rashifal 2022 by vedic astrologer, know about new year predictions, how will be business, job, love life as per planets?.

New year means new dreams, new aims, plans to achieve dream life in a new way. Every astrology lover want to know about how will be the new-year.  

Every New Year brings very important changes in life. Some people face challenges in life, some get tremendous success, some suffers from shani sade sati, some hope to get married, some want to start business, some want to make love life wonderful, some plan to travel abroad etc. In this article we will know how the new year  2022 will be for 12 zodiac people i.e. aries, Taurus, Gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, aquarius, pisces.

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New year 2022 Predictions rashifal

New year 2022 predictions for everyone as per vedic astrology. 

Table of content:

First of all Let’s Know Important things about New Year 2022 :

The king of this year is SATURN  and Minister is Jupiter. Samwatsar will be Rakshas and it’s master is venus.

Saturn is the god of justice and a hard planet due to which some mysterious environment will be seen in country. Fear, Panic and uncertainty, natural disasters will be seen world wide.

Many big plans will change the scenario of our country and people will also divert towards spirituality.

Since the minister is Jupiter so it will help to make very good decisions which will be very helpful for long run.

Service men will suffer because of over load and security issue, businessmen may face too much ups and down.

Because of impact of Saturn, people may divert towards spirituality in the year 2022. Somehow, fear, insecurity will also push people to perform rituals, prayers.

For businessmen, new year is bringing new opportunities to thrive, for jobbers, the new year is bringing responsibilities, for students, the new year is very good.

पढ़िए 2022 वर्षफल हिंदी में 

Let’s know about Solar and lunar eclipse in new year 2022:

In the coming year we will get 1 solar eclipse and 1 lunar eclipse.

Solar eclipse will be on 25 october 2022 and lunar eclipse will take place on 8th of November 2022.

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RASHIFAL 2022 /Predictions of 12 Zodiacs :

Watch video here:

Aries horoscope 2022 prediction/ rashifal:

In the beginning of new year , aries people will be able to fulfill their dreams, jobbers may get opportunity to promote, businessmen will be able to grow their business, Bachelors will be able to get deserving partner.

In the middle of the year some stress will arise in life related to family, career but not to worry much, you will be able to manage everything. But you should be careful while driving and travelling anywhere, there is chance of accidents too. Those who want to go abroad may get chance.

Those who are preparing for any competitive exams will be able to crack which will give you happiness and boost your confidence.

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Do take care in having food, there is chance of food poisoning and digestion related issues. Do take care of health of mother.

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Taurus horoscope 2022 prediction/ rashifal :

In the beginning of year there is chance of dissatisfaction in family life, disputes may give rise to stress, also there is chance of misconceptions with life partner too.

Struggle may rise in business and job due to hidden enemies so do take care and try to maintain confidentiality of your projects until you get success.

From april 2022, your budget may disturbed due to sudden expenses in health, travelling etc.

Taurus bachelor will get chance to get partner but you should take care of health of partner, be hygienic, take nutritious food.

In the new year, Taurus people will engage in religious work which will give you peace of mind and also help you to live a better life.;

Those who want to travel abroad will be able to fulfill their wish.

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Regarding financial position, so don’t worry , there is good yoga of sudden monetary gains time to time which will help you a lot to grow in life.

In the coming year, Taurus people should worship lord hanumanji and lord ganesha to minimize the problems of life.

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Gemini horoscope 2022 prediction/ rashifal :

You are passing through shani dhaiya impact but not to worry much. Try to save money because this year you may face situation of sudden expenses which may disturb your budget.

Gemini people may thrive by the help of someone support like as life partner, friends, colleagues etc in this year so don’t underestimate anyone in life.

Gemini bachelor will get deserving partner this year and those who are in search of lover will also get.

Your expenses will also increase in religious work, rituals and social work so be prepare for this.

Hidden enemies will disturb your life and don’t lend to anyone otherwise it will be difficult for you to get it back.

Know about GEMINI SPELL for luck.

If you don’t control your expenses then you may enter in debt so do take care.

Buy diamond and blue sapphire may help you a lot but do consult astrologer and show your horoscope.

It will be good for you to worship lord bhairav this year to dilute your problems of life.

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Cancer horoscope 2022 prediction/ rashifal :

If you are doing work related to speculative market then do take care in the beginning of new year, there is chance of heavy losses.

Time is good for jobbers and those who are in search of job may get. There is good chance to get your stalled money from somewhere which will help you a lot.

Cancer people will get the support of life partner  in there work which will boost your morale. Your expenses will also increase in family celebration so do take care.

From april there is chance of abnormal problems in job and also unwanted pressure may put you in stress so do take care.

Know here about SPELL FOR CANCER for luck

If you invest in land this year then this will be beneficial for you in long run.

It will be good for you to worship lord shiva and goddess parwati together to minimize problems of life.

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Leo horoscope 2022 prediction/ rashifal :

Luck will favor leo zodiac people in the beginning of year due to which you will be able to fulfill your wishes, businessmen will be able to grow their business, jobbers may get promotion and responsibilities. Name and fame will also enter in your life which will make you happy and busy too.

Family disputes may arise which may arise stress but later on, everything will be ok.

Expenses on family, house and vehicle may disturb your budget so make your plans by keeping these things in mind.

From april there is chance of problems with father and your mentor or health of father may disturb you so do take care.

Know here about SPELL FOR LEO for luck.

Ruby and coral is beneficial for you in new year 2022 but do show your horoscope to an experienced astrologer before wearing it.

Avoid any type of debate and offer ardhya to sun daily to minimize problems of life.


Virgo horoscope 2022 prediction/ rashifal :

Virgo people will be able to use their potential at level best and in the beginning, there is possible of travelling to grow your work.

Family happiness will also increase which will make you comfortable. Luck will also support you which will help you to complete your halted work.

If you want to go abroad then luck will help you a lot. Time will be good for students and those who are preparing for competitive exams will get success.

From april 2022, it is necessary to take special attention on health issues otherwise you may suffer from major health issues suddenly. Do not trust on anyone blindly, there will be chance of getting cheated by someone.

Know here about VIRGO SPELL for luck.

Take care of your life partner and also maintain your food habits.

Worship goddess durga to minimize your problems of life.

Libra horoscope 2022 prediction/ rashifal:

You will be passing through shani dhaiya but not to worry because Saturn is good for you.

But in the beginning of new year, libra people will face conflicts with others so do keep control on your dialect, don’t debate with anyone and also control your anger.

There is chance of sudden health issues so do take care. There is also possibility of conflicts with life partner so take care.

But there is chance of buying new vehicle and investment for short-term.

There is chance of travelling to grow business or work.

From april 2022 you should take care, don’t lend anyone and also don’t trust anyone otherwise you may face problems in life.

know here about LIBRA SPELL for luck.

There is chance of misconception with wife, partners, friends, colleagues so do take care.

It will be good for you to worship lord hanumanji and goddess laxmiji.

Scorpio horoscope 2022 prediction/ rashifal:

In the beginning, your energy will increase, your creativity will increase but with this ego and fear will also harass you.

You will get name fame and responsibilities in new year.

There is chance of conflicts with friends, partners and life partner so behave carefully.

Time will be good for scorpio students and also you will be able to get success in competitive exams.

Headache may also harass you and so don’t take any stress and free yourself from any type of conflicts and debate.

know about SCORPIO SPELL for luck.

From april, unwanted expenses will bother you so do take care. 

Worship lord bhairav to minimize problems of life.

Sagittarius horoscope 2022 prediction/ rashifal:

You are passing through last phase of shani sade sati. Ups and down will be felt by you in the coming year but gradually you will grow in your career.

In the beginning of new year, your creativity will increase and your personality will transform in an interesting manner due to which you will be able to win hearts of people.

Sagittarius will be able to fulfill wishes which will boost your morale.

From april you must take care if you do work related to speculation market or share market otherwise heavy loss may occur.  Students will also face difficulties in focusing mind.

know about SAGITTARIUS SPELL to enhance luck.

Be ready for unwanted expenses which may disturb your budget.

Capricorn horoscope 2022 prediction/rashifal:

You are passing through second phase of shani sade sati but not to worry much because saturn is your master. Capricorn people may divert towards spirituality in the new year.

Disturbance in family may be possible due to which Capricorn people may take stress. 

If you want to travel abroad then this year you may get success. Sudden monetary gains from land is possible this year. 

know about CAPRICORN SPELL to enhance luck.

Worship goddess kali to minimize problems of life.

Aquarius horoscope 2022 prediction/rashifal:

Aquarius people are passing through first phase of shani sade sati due to which there is possibility of increase in unwanted expenses in repairing, health issues etc. But there is also possibility of buying new house if you want. 

There is possibility of starting new work in partnership but don’t forget to complete legal formalities otherwise you may suffer from problems. 

From april 2022, sudden changes may be seen in relationships which may disturb you, also you may travel to grow your work. Major change is possible in new year in your career, but don’t lose patience because you will get good opportunities too.

Those who are in search of life partner may get this year. 

know about AQUARIUS SPELL to enhance luck.

Worship lord hanumanji to minimize your problems of life.

Pisces horoscope 2022 prediction/rashifal:

Your intelligence will increase and you will be able to make good strategies to boost your life. Time will be good for consultants, teachers, motivators, astrologers, spiritual practitioners. 

With your smart work, you will be able to fulfill your dreams which will enhance your morale.

Chances of buying land and vehicle is also good in new year for pisces. From april, do keep precaution while talking to anyone and also keep yourself away from any type of debate otherwise you will be in problem. 

Pisces bachelor can get life partner in new year.

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So we have seen some predictions of new year 2022 as per transit horoscope, If you want to know your new year predictions as per your OWN horoscope then do contact ASTROLOGER now.

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Rashifal 2022 by vedic astrologer, जानिए नए साल 2022 का राशिफल, know about new year predictions, how will be business, job, love life as per planets?.


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