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Bhdrakali Jayanti Importance in Astrology

Importance of Bhadrakali jayanti, bhadrakali jayanti 2024 Date, भद्रकाली जयंती का महत्त्व.

Bhadrakali Jayanti 2024:There is a special day in the whole year for the worship of Goddess Bhadrakali and that is the Gyaras Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Jyeshtha month as per hindu calender. This day is celebrated as “Bhadrakali Jayanti”. This day is also known as “Bhadrakali Ekadashi”.

Kali Mata is the fierce form of Goddess Bhagwati who destroys negative powers. This day is very special for the devotees of Maa Kali and people perform various types of rituals on this day to get the blessings of Goddess.

Importance of Bhadrakali jayanti, bhadrakali jayanti 2024 Date, भद्रकाली जयंती का महत्त्व.
Bhdrakali Jayanti Importance in Astrology

हिंदी में पढ़िए भद्रकाली जयंती का महत्व


When is Bhadrakali Jayanti in 2024?

This year Bhadrakali Jayanti is on Sunday, June 2. According to the Hindu calendar, this day is the Ekadashi of Jyeshtha Krishna Paksha and this is the day when Mother Kali appeared.

How was Bhadrakali born?:

When Daksh Prajapati insulted Lord Shiva during the celebration of the great Ashwamedha Yagya, Mother Sati sacrificed her life by jumping into the fire. Then he took the form of Bhadrakali. Lord Shiva could not bear this blow and took the form of Veerbhadra. Bhadrakali Jayanti 2024

According to another story, a demon named Darika performed rigorous penance  and received boon from Lord Brahma of immortality.  According to the boon of Lord Brahma, She could not be killed in any way. After getting the boon, Darika started harassing people. When Lord Shiva came to know about this, Lord Shiva opened his third eye from which Goddess Bhadrakali was born. So he created Goddess Bhadrakali to kill the demon and establish peace in the world. Goddess Bhadrakali destroyed Darika. Bhadrakali Jayanti 2024

Significance of Bhadrakali Jayanti:

This day is special for the devotees of Kali Mata, those who offer special prayers on this day get relief from sorrows in their life, get rid of negative energies, get rid of diseases and grief. Worship of Mother Goddess on Bhadrakali Jayanti brings peace in the family, if there is a lot of problem in the horoscope then one gets relief from it. One can also overcome from Women Curse by worshipping on this auspicious day. Bhadrakali Jayanti 2024

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Let us know what the devotees do on the day of Bhadrakali Jayanti?

  1. On this day, special worship is done in the temple of Maa Kali. To seek the blessings of the Goddess, she is anointed and fruits, flowers, betel leaf, lemon and sweets are offered to her.
  2. On this day, some people keep fast, which purifies the body, makes it healthy and prepares it for spiritual practices.
  3. Some people perform Havan with the mantras of Goddess Kali to get the blessings of Goddess Kali.
  4. On this day devotees chant 108 or 1008 mantras of Goddess.
  5. Some people sing bhajans and kirtans of Mata throughout the day.
  6. On this day, the temples of Kali Maa are beautifully decorated. Devotees offer and distribute Prasad in temples. Bhadrakali Jayanti 2024
  7. At some places, devotees also take out the procession of Mata Bhadrakali.
  8. Tantriks do Tantra Sadhana on this day to get the blessings of the Goddess.

Easy way to worship Goddess Bhadrakali:

  • On this day, all the devotees wake up early in the morning, free from their daily routine and sit peacefully at their place of worship.
  • Keep the idol of mother in front.
  • Anoint the Mother with Panchamrit (water, milk, sugar, honey and ghee).
  • You can also do Abhishekam with coconut water.
  • Now perform Panchopachar puja of the goddess.
  • After worshiping the Goddess, you can chant Durga Kavach or 108 names of the Goddess or 1008 names. Bhadrakali Jayanti 2024

Which is the mantra of Mother Bhadrakali:

Om Bhadrakalye Namah
Everyone can chant this mantra and get the blessings of the mother.
Havan can also be performed by applying Swaha at the end of this mantra.

Where are the 11 famous temples of Bhadrakali in India?

  1. Kalighat Kali Temple, Kolkata
  2. Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Kolkata
  3. Bhadrakali Temple, Warangal
  4. Kali Bari Temple, Delhi
  5. Kali Mandir Patna
  6. Garh Kalika Temple, Ujjain. Bhadrakali Jayanti 2024
  7. Kali Bari Temple Shimla
  8. Maa Kali Temple Kangra
  9. Maa Kali Temple, Varanasi
  10. Thiruvanaikaval Bhadrakali Temple, Tamil Nadu
  11. Baitala Deul Bhubaneswar
So on the day of Bhadrakali Jayanti, we can worship Goddess at home and can also do it by going to Mata's temple.
Make sure to invoke the Goddess and eliminate sorrow, poverty, fear, disease and grief from your life.

Best wishes to all of you on Bhadrakali Jayanti.

Mahattw of Bhadrakali jayanti, importance of Bhadrakali jayanti, bhadrakali jayanti 2024 Date, भद्रकाली जयंती का महत्त्व.


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