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Snake Curse Signs And Remedies

Which is the best day to worship snake deity, सर्प श्राप से बचने के लिए कौन से उपाय हैं, how to remove snake curse, best day to bring fame, prestige, well-being and prosperity in life.

There is a very powerful time once a year when any person who is suffering from snake curse can perform the puja to make their life obstacle free.

On this day it is possible to perform sacred rituals to get relief from snake related afflictions in present and past lives and to remove delays in personal and professional progress.

Which is the best day to worship snake deity, सर्प श्राप से बचने के लिए कौन से उपाय हैं, how to remove snake curse, best day to bring fame, prestige
Snake Curse Signs And Remedies

हिंदी में पढ़िए सर्प श्राप के संकेत और बचने के उपाय 

Importance of snake worship

According to traditional belief, serpents are often seen as guardians of ancestral treasures and protector deities of the family. People who are blessed by snakes are able to lead a successful life.

In addition, the spiritual energy at the base of the spine is called Kundalini, which means "snake". It refers to the serpent power inside the human body. On the awakening of Kundalini, the person starts understanding spirituality in true sense.

Know what is Kalsarp Yoga?

Let us know how life gets affected due to snake curse?

A person suffering from Naag or Sarp Dosha may have the following experiences in life:

  1. When the effect of snake curse increases, then the person often starts seeing dead people in his dreams.
  2. Feeling lonely in life.
  3. Seeing snakes returning on the body is visible in the dream.
  4. In a dream, one sees oneself being bitten by a snake.
  5. Skin disease bothers |
  6. There is hindrance or loss in career, business and job opportunities.
  7. There is a problem in having a child or because of the child there is a problem.
  8. Economic situation does not remain stable.
  9. Debt can keep on increasing.
  10. Obstacles come in the completion of every task.
  11. Untimely accidents and serious injuries may keep happening.
  12. Emotional disturbance, nightmares, anxiety and tension problems persist.
  13. There can be fear of snakes and poisonous animals.
  14. Health problems keep troubling you.
  15. Unhappy domestic life and problems with partner may persist.

On the day of Nag Panchami, appeasing the snake deities during their powerful time can help in removing snake curses and afflictions, leading to happiness, peace and prosperity in life.

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Benefits of Snake Worship:

  1. Reduces the blame for causing harm to snakes or their habitat.
  2. Reduces problems caused due to past life's deeds.
  3. Protects from misfortune and bestows wealth and abundance.
  4. Provides protection against poisons, chemicals and allergens.
  5. Increases courage, confidence and luck.
  6. Provides success in endeavors.

Ways to invoke Nag Devta:

By doing special puja on Nag Panchami and chanting mantras, we can get back lost money, rejuvenate health, get rid of snake curse.

  1. We can recite Nava Nag Stotra in which we invoke the nine serpent deities, namely Ananta, Vasuki, Shesha, Padmanabha, Kambal, Shankapala, Dhritarashtra, Takshaka and Kaliya.
  2. Recitation of Navnag Strotram is also an easy way to avoid problems related to Rahu and Ketu along with snake defect. Health, success, good luck, wealth and peace start coming in life by reciting it.
  3. Can recite Sarp Suktam.
  4. Chant Nag Gayatri Mantra - "Om Nagkulaya Vidmahe Vishdantaya Dhimahi Tanno Sarp Prachodayat."
  5. The person suffering from snake curse should start offering water to Shivling daily from the day of nag panghmi.
  6. It is also beneficial to perform Rudrabhishek in the Shiva temple on the day of Pradosh Tithi.
  7. Start chanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra daily.
  8. Chanting these special mantras daily also gives a lot of benefit to avoid snake defect - Om Anantaya Namah, Om Vasuki Namah, Om Sheshay Namah, Om Padmaya Namah, Om Kambalaya Namah, Om Shankhpalaya Namah, Om Dhritrashtraya Namah :, Om Takshakaya Namah:, Om Kaliyay Namah:, Om Karkotkaya Namah:.

Which is the best day to worship snake deity, सर्प श्राप से बचने के लिए कौन से उपाय हैं, how to remove snake curse, best day to bring fame, prestige, well-being and prosperity in life.


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