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How To Make A Positive Impact On Other Instantly Part-1

How To Make Positive Impact On Others I nstantly Make Positive Impact On Others - Skills For Success,How We Learn, How we Remember,Steps to Increase Skills,Points  of How To Make People Feel Important Instantly? Importance of astrology to Know the Personality. S kill with people is the most rewarding of all human talents. Your skill with people determines the quality of your Social life,Business life,Family life etc. So it is very necessary to be a successful person to develop your interpersonal skills and for that it is also necessary to know the human psychology. Now we will see how we can get success by using interesting formula. Let's see what research says about How We Learn : We Learn 83% Through SIGHT We Learn 11% Through Hearing We Learn 3 and half Through SMELL We Learn 1 and half Through Touch We Learn 1% Through TASTE Now Let's See How We Remember Informations : We Remember 10% of What We Read We Remember 20% of What We Hear We Re

Palmistry: Mounts or Parvat And Marriage Life

What Are Parwat In Palm?, What Are The Effects Of Parvat or Parwat in Marriage Life?, What is Palmistry?, Navagrah analysis through palm reading, Solutions of problems through Palm reading. mounts or parwat on palm P almistry is a another science which is used to study the life of person, In palmistry predictions are made by studying the lines present in the palm,the parvat present in the palm, the subtle lines present in the palm. Palmist is also able to reveal the past, present and future easily.  In this article we will study the effects of parvat or parwat in a person's marriage life. Now the question is that - What are parwats? Parvat are also called the mount in palms or we can say the areas just below the base of every finger is the area which is known as the parvat of a particular planet. MOUNTS AND MARRIAGE LIFE Let's study the effects of mounts in the marriage life of a person : Mount of Moon(Chandra Parvat) : If Moon mount is in excess th

Success And Super Intelligence Part2 - How To Develop

Importance of Brain, Creative Ways Of Learning, Points To Develop  Creative Intelligence. W hat is the success of students or persons who are able to achieve marvellous feats inspite of their participation in other activities too? The answers is "The brain is not only answer of such achievements. It is not necessary that brilliant sudents always get best marks. The researches conclude that it is more important to use yur natural capacities effectively and creatively upto the maximum extend, definitely extensive infinitely." Researches proved that sometimes the students with high I.Q. fail to secure comparatively good marks than their colleagues having low I.Q. Because such students learn with proper interest and make learning easy. That is why they never bother for hard studies. They believe in learning creatively and do Labour Under Correct knowledge to fetch better results. A quite reasonable number of intelligent students told me that " It doesn't matter to

Success And Super Intelligence Part 1

Our Desire, Success and Super intelligence,As We Thinketh, so we becometh, We CAN TOO DO THE WONDERS, Why we Need Super Intelligence, Astrology And Super Intelligence ...... H ave you ever dreamt of being a Super Intelligent, Super Star, Super Person, Eminent Person? Of Course, yes. Are you trying to achieve this feat Certainly Yes. I know that this positive reply will come from your end because you have a staunch(pakka) beliefin brighter achievements and Super Intelligence. This Article testifies your this will that you are one of those wonderful chaps(person)who wish to steal teh lime light and those who blend into backgrounds to complete a beautiful picture that called an incandescence(uddipt or bright career) career. Do you know that you are what you think? Virtually you are what you think. This is one of the most important facts about you. So Think vividly to acquire super intelligence and bright your future. If you don't think about it, you can not have it. SUCC