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Career Analysis Report By Astrologer astroshree

Career Analysis Report By Astrologer astroshree, Important questions, Requirement for livelihood suggestions, career astrology, how are the stars in horoscope for making professional life. In my previous article " Best career as per astrology ", I have cleared about many fields as per the nature of person, as per the interest of person. But in spite of that there are many questions which you may want to know related to make your professional life. For that feel free to ask. Career Analysis Report By Astrologer astroshree There may be several doubts in mind related to the personality like as- Do I have good impressive power? Do I have good communication skill? Will I achieve the culmination in my field? Which planets are supporting me? What will be the best period in my life as per astrology? Which pooja will help me to grow in my professional or business life? When should I start the business? Is business for me? What is best for me service or busines

Cow And Calf Significance In Astrology

Cow And Calf Significance In Astrology, How to make life successful by worshipping cow and calf, know the solutions of many problems. In Hinduism there are many sacred symbols which are taken as source of positive energies. One such sacred and lucky symbol is the statue of cow and calf.  As per Hindus holy books deities resides in the cows and so we worship them. They are the symbol of purity, abundance, and motherhood. In astrology, the cow represents nourishment, prosperity, and the divine feminine energy. The calf, on the other hand, signifies new beginnings, growth, and youthful vitality. Together, the cow and calf form a powerful symbol of fertility, protection, and the cycle of life. Cows are treated as goddess in hindu religion, scientifically cows are very beneficial for society, cow dung, cow urine, cow smell, every things are very useful and is good for health. Among cows, Kamdhenu/surabhi cow is said to be very divine and people worship to fulfill wishes. Kamdhenu

Shani Dosha Symptoms

Shani dosha, dasha of shani, symptoms of shani dosha as per vedic astrology, remedies by astrologer. Astrology lovers have extreme interest in knowing about a very important planet which is known for it’s justice and bitter nature. Yes ! I am talking about planet Saturn in astrology. Shani Dosha Symptoms There are many questions arises in minds of people related to this planet: What is shani dosha? What are the effects of Shani in native’s life as per astrology? How do i know if I have Shani impacts in my life? How to get rid of Shani Dosha by using strong remedies? How long does Shani Dasha last? What is Shani Dasha? What happens during shani dasha? Let’s know first What is Shani Dosha? The most powerful planet which is known for the justice is Shani. The impacts of saturn is inevitable in life and everyone must pass from the mahadasha, antardasha and pratyantardasha time to time. Wherever it sits in horoscope, change the life of a person in various aspect.

Wish Fullfilling Tree- PEEPAL

Wish Fulfilling Tree- PEEPAL, Mystery of Peepal tree, Power of pipal tree, Why people worship pipal tree. A world famous sacred tree, a magical tree, a pure tree, a tree which is beneficial for everyone and from every part. This mysterious tree has its scientific value, religious value, spiritual value, medicinal value. In India people like to worship this mysterious tree and it is known as peepal, In english it is called "Ficus religiosa or sacred fig", It is found in many countries like as China, India, Bangal, Nepal, Mayanmar, pakistan, srilanka etc. Wish Fulfilling Tree- PEEPAL Gautam Buddha has also done spiritual practice under this tree and so also this tree is important for the followers of buddha. As per traditional belief many types of positive and negative energies resided in pipal tree. wish fulfilling by pepal tree In bagwad geeta lord krishna says that "In all trees, I am peepal or ashwath". In skand puran it is said that all diet

Angarak Yoga Effects and Remedies

What is Angarak yoga, know the effects and remedies, Vedic solution of angarak dosha, best astrologer to read kundli, best ways and totke to remove this problem , Powerful ways of astrology and occult sciences to minimize angarak dosha in horoscope. Many times when I say some one that there is a angarka yoga in your horoscope or kundli and therefore you are facing such problem person ask what is this. I am heard this first time. Is it really affect my life how to overcome from this dosha. So to clarify all this things i am writing this article hope this will help you to understand this yoga properly and after that you will be able to take step to rectify this problem. angarak yoga in horoscope and solution What is Angarak Yoga or Dosha? Angarak yoga is formed when rahu and Mangal sits together in kundli or horoscope. This is sometimes shows very dangerous effects in person life. There are some other combination through which we can find the impact of angarak yoga too.

Remedies And Solutions Of Black Magic

Free Remedies of black magic , solutions of kala jadu, how to getrid of evil eye effects black magic solution and remedies Those who are victim of black magic always try to find ways to getrid of it in anyways. Those who are facing failure and sufferings in life due to kala jadu want to overcome in anyway. Here I am providing FREE ways, free solutions, free remedies which anyone can use easily. No matter where you are, no matter what is your age, no matter what is your caste. If you think you are facing problems due to black magic then you can try one of the remedies given in this article.  But it is always better to consult Expert before proceeding to adopt any remedy. Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>> Do you know what type of people are at high risk of getting trapped by Negative Energies? As per my research I have found that following type of persons trapped easily -- Those who have RAKSHAS GAN in horoscope easily become victim of black magic. Th

Grahan Dosha Effects In 12 Houses Of Kundli

Grahan dosha impacts in 12 houses of kundli, what major problems arises when horoscope contain grahan yoga, solutions by astrologer. There are many types of yoga forms in horoscope, some are bad, some are good, some are boon for the native while some are curse and in astrology, astrologers give predictions while analyzing these yogas. In this article we will see how grahan yoga affect the life of native by forming in different house of horoscope. Grahan Dosha Effects In 12 Houses Of Kundli Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>> Types of Grahan yoga in Horoscope: Generally there are 2 major types of grahan yoga- Surya grahan yoga- this form when sun sits with rahu or ketu in any house of horoscope. Chandra grahan – this form when moon sits with rahu or ketu in any house of kundli. Since in astrology we know that rahu and ketu when sits with other planets form graham yoga but why only sun and moon is considered mainly. So in actual when rahu and ketu sits wi

Varuthini Ekadashi Importance in Astrology

Varuthini Ekadashi significance, steps to perform the pooja and fast, Benefits of doing gyaras fast as per astrology. As per hindu panchang the varuthini ekadashi comes on the 11th day of krishn paksh in Vaisakh month. Some also called it Baruthini gyaras. This is a special day when lord vaman is worshipped by devotees. He is the 5th incarnation of lord Vishnu. varuthini ekadashi astrology It is believed that if vaman dev is worshiped on this day then the devotee get the blessings of lord and this helps to get protected from negativity, poverty, disturbances in life etc. Person who perform this fast of varuthini ekadashi attract the success in this materialistic world. What is the Significance of Baruthini Ekadashi? As per the conversation takes place between Yudhisthir and lord Krishna, the fast on this day is equal to donate the gold at kurukshetra on the day of surya graham or solar eclipse. This fast of varuthini ekadashi save the persons from the sins and also

Nabhi Ke Totke

Nabhi Ke Totke, how to fulfill the desire, does the navel helps in vashikaran ? The navel is an important part of our body and it is very well described in the Samudrik scripture. Along with the body, navel is also the center of energy. Watching the navel carefully can help us to know a lot about our life. Nabhi Ke Totke in english पढ़िए हिंदी में  नाभि के टोटके >> Let's know what we can know about a person by looking at the navel: There is a lot of confidence in the person whose navel is standing or long. Due to this, the person is fearless, daring to take risks. People who have deep navel are very emotional. They are clean hearted and people also take advantage of this. Those whose navel is deep and uplifted, they crave beauty and they also get it. Due to luck, they get beautiful life partner and rich in-laws. The people with round navel are known for their qualities and they get respect in the society. A person with a flat navel is difficult to understand.

Paksh and Tithi in Vedic Astrology

Paksh and tithis are very important in astrology because in hindu scriptures, astrology books, holy books we can get details about to perform works on auspicious days, The calculation of auspicious days depends upon the combination of specific tithis in specific day and in specific paksh. So if any one is know aware of paksh and tithis then it is not possible to get success in rituals for different purpose.  Paksh and Tithi in Vedic Astrology Some poojas are good in shukla paksh and some are in krishna paksh but many ones are not aware of the concept of these paksh. When I ask someone to do pooja in shukla paksh then some ask , what is this shukla paksh, how to know about shukla paksh. How to know tithi and so on.  So in this this astrology lesson  we can know free about - Two paksh in month. Tithis in month. Masters of tithis.  We will read about the master of tithis too in this lesson because by knowing this you can know why we perform poojas in different