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Mor Pankh Ke Prayog By Astrologer

Mor pankh ke prayog by astrologer, Benefits of peacock feather as per astrology, how to use peacock feather for removing vastu dosha and grah dosha, peacock astrology, peacock feather vastu, peacock feather under pillow.

We all know that the peacock feather has a very deep connection with Lord Krishna and it shows how much it is important. Peacock feathers symbolize the greatness of God. It is not possible to create the beauty that is seen in it naturally.

Mor Pankh Ke Prayog By Astrologer

Do you know that the use of peacock feathers can eradicate trouble from home or vastu, it also helps in vashikaran , the use of peacock feathers is the solution to many doshas present in the horoscope.

हिंदी में पढ़िए मोर पंख के टोटके

Let us know some miraculous uses of peacock feather:

  1. If Kalsarpa Yoga is present in the horoscope of a person and you are unable to do any big puja then do not panic, keep 1 peacock feather in your pocket. This will save you from many troubles.
  2. If your house is facing a lot of problems due to Vastu defects, then you should buy peacock feathers in auspicious time and and install it on the wall of your house. This will bring a great change .
  3. If a student is facing a lot of problem in a particular subject, then he or she should put peacock feathers in the book of that subject.
  4. Those people who are in the wilderness and fear of snake, then those people should stick peacock feathers outside their house or else hang peacock feathers on the door. This will protect you surely from negativity.
  5. If the door of your house is in the wrong direction, in such a situation, you should stick a picture of Lord Krishna with the cow outside the door of the house, in auspicious time and also stick a peacock feather with it, it will bring good luck.
  6. If there is a lot of quarrel between husband and wife, then put 2 peacock feather under the bed.
  7. Watch Video in english about mor pankh uses:
  8. If you are having a lot of difficulty in saving, money, then in this condition , you should keep a peacock feather in your purse in auspicious time. This will help you a lot.
  9. If you want someone's progress, then gift them Morpunkh on special occasion.
  10. If you are facing a lot of trouble due to Pitra Dosh in the horoscope, then put some peacock feather in the southwest corner in your house.
  11. Whenever you bring the peacock feather auspicious time, it will definitely give you good results.
  12. If your shop is not giving return as per your expectation then do hang the peacock feather outside the shop and at the same time keep the mor-pankh in the cash box as well.
  13. If the Rahu planet is bad in the horoscope and Gan is also a rakshas i.e. demon, then the native faces a lot of trouble due to evil eye effect, so always keep a peacock feather in your pocket.
  14. If no one likes to come to you, your hypnotic power is very low or not, you are lacking in confidence, then do not panic. Just bring a peacock feather in the auspicious moment and chant any mantra of Lord Krishna and then blow on mor pankh and then keep it with your see how much change will begin in your life.
  15. Peacock feathers are also used in utara, this makes the najar dosha  instantly disappear. Knowledgeable people use it with special mantras.
  16. If someone has done something at your house and the entire house has deteriorated, then you should sprinkle the Ganga water daily with peacock feathers.
  17. Do you not sleep because of any fear, then put the peacock feather in your pillow and sleep. This will not cause fear-provoking dreams and you will be able to sleep peacefully.
  18. When you go to talk about marriage then the boy or girl should pray to Radha Krishna and keep the peacock feather with him or her, it will benefit you.
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So we have seen that how beneficial the peacock feather is, but to get it, one should never kill a peacock. If you get it while going somewhere, then consider yourself lucky. Your work will definitely be done.

Peacock feather removes misfortune, brings luck in life, it gives you attraction power, it saves you from evil eye. 

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