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How saliva helps in maintaining beauty

Saliva as alternative medicine, how to save our saliva, use of saliva in treatment, वैकल्पिक चिकित्सा में लार का स्तेमाल, astrology and saliva.

Saliva is a very common watery substance which is present in the mouth of animals, human etc. It is made by SALIVARY GLANDS .This saliva has magical healing power and if we know about the powers of saliva then no doubt we can over come from many problems easily.

all about How saliva helps in maintaining beauty, medical astrology by astrologer.
How saliva helps in maintaining beauty

Saliva is a medicine which is developed automatically in our mouth. It is a gift of that universal power to us. We often see that animals heal there any wounds just by licking them. This shows that saliva has healing power.

In this article we will know secrets of saliva so that we can use them to make our life healthy.

Let’s Understand Saliva:

  1. Human saliva consists of 98% water and rest of the 2% contains electrolyte, mucus, antibacterial compound, and enzymes, etc.
  2. It is necessary for good digestion of food which we take.
  3. Saliva helps to chew our food and swallow it without any problem.
  4. It fights with germs present in mouth and keeps it healthy.
  5. Saliva also prevents tooth decay.
  6. It also saves our gums from diseases.

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Now Let’s See Some Easy Use Of Saliva:

  • If you have worms in stomach then do drink water in the morning just after waking up, the morning saliva get inside and helps to kill the worms.
  • If you are having digestion problem for long time then try to perform SALIVA YOGA. In this actually more and more saliva taken with extra efforts.
  • If eczema is creating problem then do this home remedy, in the morning just after getting up , apply your saliva for one month and you will get magical result.
  • To remove the sign of burn from skin apply saliva regularly for approx 2 month and see the result.
  • If you are having fungal infection then also you can use your saliva regularly. It will heal it.
  • If you are having itching problem nearby sex organs then also apply saliva there and see the positive result.
  • It is a lubricant for dry eyes.
  • Regular massage of face with saliva will help you to get-rid of your acne.

So saliva is a special medicine which forms in our mouth automatically regularly. If we use it in a better way than no doubt we can remove our many problems easily.

How one harm saliva?

Some bad habits are dangerous for saliva which in long run generates many health problems.

  • Smoking is dangerous for saliva.
  • Chewing tobacco is also dangerous, it pollutes the saliva.
  • Don’t spit too much, it is not a good habit and affects our body.

Astrology Of Saliva:

If the first and second house of horoscope is affected by malefic planets then native face problems in mouth and so is unable to use the saliva in a healthy manner and also harm the saliva by using tobacco, liquor etc.

There are many people who have problem of dry mouth, this is because of lack of saliva formation in mouth. In this case it is good to check the first and second house in birth chart minutely. With this study of Jupiter and venus is also very important. 

Human Saliva can be used as a natural ointment for external wounds, a cure for pimples, acne or marks on the face, boils that occur during summers and also for lubricating eyes. It is the natural beauty enhancer given by the god to everyone. So save the precious saliva and heal yourself easily and naturally.

Saliva as alternative medicine, astrology and saliva, how to save our saliva, use of saliva in treatment, वैकल्पिक चिकित्सा में लार का स्तेमाल, कैसे बचाए अपने लार को, कैसे प्रयोग करे लार का बीमारियों को दूर करने के लिए.


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