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coconut benefits as per astrology and medicine

Magical benefits of Coconut  in astrology and for healthy life, secret of coconut for a healthy life, nutrients present in coconut. 

coconut benefits as per astrology and medicine
coconut benefits as per astrology and medicine

We all are aware of coconut a very sacred and nutritious seed of a tropical palm. It contains water inside and is very good for health and also used in worship in India.

Every part of coconut is useful as per astrology and ayurveda too. Coconut also provide coir which is used for different purposes. It is one of the important thing used in rituals and tantra too. 

In hindi coconut is called "NARIYAL" and "SHREEFAL".

Coconut is used in various ways like as 'coconut water', 'coconut milk/juice', khopra i.e. raw coconut etc. It is a very good food for every one and is pure too. So it is popular world wide.

Do you know ?

Coconut is very magical food and is a good source of fiber and natural oil in body and so is good alternative medicine-

  1. It is good for digestion. If anyone is suffering from digestion problem then it is good to intake coconut regularly, soon positive results will be seen. 
  2. It is good for metabolism.
  3. It gives us immediate energy. 
  4. It helps in loosing fat.
  5. Coconut is also good for immune system. 
  6. Coconut is also good for beauty.
  7. Studies also shows that coconut helps in relieving stress.
  8. Coconut has many medicinal qualities like it kills bacteria and so doctor suggest it to put in burning places.
  9. Coconut also act as hunger reducer so if any one has having habit of eating too much then it is good to intake coconut after having light meal.
  10. It also maintain blood cholesterol level.
  11. If any one want natural sunscreen then no doubt coconut oil is a good natural sunscreen and protect screen from any damage. 
  12. It is also very good for healthy hair and so gives beauty.
  13. Coconut has magical qualities like as anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti parasitic etc.
  14. Coconut is a very good health tonic.
  15. Nariyal is good for beauty.
  16. Shreefal is good for digestive system.
  17. It is used for fat loss too.
  18. It is a good brain tonic.
  19. The milk of coconut helps to come out from dullness.

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Nutrients Present in Coconut:

100 grams of nariyal contains approx 354 calorie, Vitamins, Carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, fat, magnesium, Fiber etc. Because of this, it is used in keeping our body fit, fine, smart and beautiful.

Now lets see that how Coconut is Used in Astrology and Tantra:

  • It is believed that goddess laxmi reside in coconut and so it is known as shreefal.
  • Shreefal is also used in money related totkay.  
  • As per belief, coconut is very sacred and so is used in every rituals, It is the best offering to god and goddess.  We can easily get the blessings of divine energies by offering nariyal  or shreefal. It is used as a shield to protect from black magic and evil eye effect. 
  • If coconut is spelled and put in any vastu then it becomes a shield.
  • It is also used to invoke divine energies to fulfill wishes. 
  • Spelled coconut is also used to know answers of questions by some scholars. 
  • Some also used shreefal to know the underwater before boring. 
  • It is also used to perform black magic by negative minded people.

Let's Know Some Uses of COCONUT:

  1. If you want a beautiful and smooth skin then smash the white part of coconut and use it as a face pack, you will see the benefits by yourself.
  2. To get a long and healthy hair one can use the oil of coconut daily, It also keeps the brain cool because the nature of coconut is cool.
  3. It is also used to remove headache.
  4. In case of sore or thrush in mouth it is good to chew white part of coconut with Mishri/sugar candy.
  5. If anyone is facing problem in breathing then it is good to chew and eat coconut daily.
  6. If digestion is not good or if heat is there in stomach then drink coconut water, it will make you ok.
  7. The use of coconut gives us energy, freshness, beauty, mind power.
  8. Researches show that coconut contains fats but is not unhealthy so is good for health. It is good for metabolism also.
  9. Coconut oil has the power to kill germs and bacteria so it is used to treat infections, wounds.
  10. If anyone is treating fat then it is good to eat coconut because it decreases the feeling of hunger and so save from over eating. It is because of the fatty acids present in coconut.
  11. The oil is a good moisturizer and protects the skin and hair from many problems.

So from every point of view coconut is useful for everyone. One can use it for massage, one can use it as edible oil, one can make tasty food, one can use coconut for fat loss, one can use coconut to enhance beauty.

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Let's Know How To Use Coconut In Different Ways?

  • We can use raw coconut daily as a food
  • We can extract the milk from coconut and then use it.
  • We can also use the coconut water for instant energy.
  • We can use coconut oil for massage.
  • We can use coconut oil as cooking oil.
  • To get relief from itching and burning sensation we can also use coconut oil.

Some take coconut as a "Super Food" because it helps in many ways like as fat loss, brain development, smooth digestive system functioning, powerful immune system, enhancing beauty, natural healer etc.

So coconut is also a good alternative medicines for every types of patient. Always use coconut. So use coconut and live a healthy and wealthy life.

Coconut benefits in astrology, नारियल के जादुई फायदे, secret of coconut for a healthy life, nutrients present in coconut.


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