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Piles Disease Astrology Reasons and Treatment

Which planets are responsible for piles?, What are the main reasons of Hemorrhoids?, How piles can be cured permanently?, home remedies for piles, gemstone remedies for Hemorrhoids, lal kitab remedies for piles. 

Understand Piles Problem?

Piles problem is a very painful problem, we also call it hemorrhoids. In hindi we call it BAWASEER. A very interesting thing about this is that every person have piles in anus but the problem started when swelling comes in them due to pressure, cut etc.

Which planets are responsible for piles?, What are the main reasons of Hemorrhoids?, How piles can be cured permanently?, home remedies for piles
Piles Disease Astrology Reasons and Treatment

हिंदी में पढ़िए ज्योतिष में पाइल्स का कारण और कुछ उपाय 

Why Piles/hemorrhoids Problems Arises?

There are may be various reasons of piles. Let's see some cause of hemorrhoids -
  • If any one use too much pressure while doing toilet then piles problems may arise.
  • Digestion problem is one of the major cause of hemorrhoids.
  • Luxurious life style also create piles problems.
  • Too much dependency on fast food is also a big reason of hemorrhoid.
  • Regular constipation may also cause piles.
  • Lack of fiber intake in meal also create piles.
  • Hard stool is also a big reason of piles.
  • Not drinking proper water daily.

Can change in DIET improve piles?

Here I want to say that taking fresh and healthy diet is good for health but if piles problems has started then at initial stage it is also necessary to take proper medicine with good diet. So it is necessary to take guidance from doctor, naturopathic consultant and  astrologer.

What are the symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

  • If any one feel pain in anus while motion then it may be due to piles.
  • If stools is coming with blood then it is also symptoms of piles.
  • Itching in anus regularly with swelling also indicate piles.
  • Some person may feel a part of muscles comes out from anus during motion, this is also piles problem.
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What to do to not suffer with piles again?

Do take healthy diet with fibers and also consult alternative medicines consultant to use some herbal medicines time to time to maintain digestive system. Also perform regular exercises and keep your mind and body fit. Also do sit in warm water for some time.

Is SITTING JOB dangerous for piles patients?

Sitting job is problematic only if person is not taking break timely. It is good to perform light exercises time to time in between job time. It will refresh and give energy to work better. Don't stop toilet in any case to avoid any problems.

Can SURGERY be avoided ?

If condition is not severe then there is no need of surgery, by using homeopathy and ayurvedic treatment and by changing diet plan, one can getrid of this problem. But in case severe case surgery is necessary but this is not the solution.

What happen if a person don't take treatment of Piles?

Treatment is necessary in every case, if any one underestimate the problem then it is possible that due to regular  bleeding person faces anemia problem, damage of liver and other organs etc. which may lead to serious problems.

It is good to take treatment at initial stage to avoid any complications. At this stage there is good chance to treat the problems from root.

How We Can Check Anyone Horoscope To Know About Piles/hemorrhoids or related Problems?

  1. First of all it is necessary to check the 3 houses in horoscope i.e. 6th, 7th and 8th. If these houses are disturbed then there is a great possibility of suffering from piles/hemorrhoids/bawasir or related diseases.
  2. Suppose malefic mars is sitting in 7th house or 8th house or 6th house then it increases the chances.
  3. If Rahu and mangal together sits in these houses then no doubt the person will suffer from piles in life. So it is necessary to take precautions. as much as possible.
  4. If the sixth, seventh and eighth houses are generating malefic impacts in birth chart then chances of suffering from digestion related problems increases. So it is necessary to take astrology treatment with other treatments.

What are the treatments of piles?

Piles can be treated through many ways Astrology, Ayurvedic medicines, homeopathy medicines, naturopathy, allpoathy. But if the case is severe then surgery may be needed. But after surgery it is also necessary to take homeopathy or ayurveda medicines, astrology ways to control it for life long.

Let's see some important ways of astrology, ayurveda and yoga to treat Bawasir:
  1. Do kati-snaan regularly, for this do take a tub and fill it with warm water, put some natural salt and then sit in it for 15 minutes atleast. Try to intake water from anus and then leave it , do this process regularly, you will find a good change.
  2. After this use any ointment like pilex or pilon or hydensa etc which are made specially for piles , insert it in your anus. This will also give you instant relief from burning.
  3. Do abhishek of shivling daily and chant om shanti shanti shantih.
  4. You can wear Pearl by consulting astrologer.
  5. Include fiber in your diet and avoid potato, rice, oily, spicy foods.
  6. Drink warm water as much as you can and chew your every bite.
  7. Do show your horoscope to know the astrology reasons and get the perfect astrology ways to get-rid of any disease.
  8. Sometimes grah shanti pooja is also necessary to overcome from the malefic impact of planets responsible for piles or hemorrhoids.

Which planets are responsible for piles?, What are the main reasons of Hemorrhoids?, How piles can be cured permanently?, home remedies for piles, gemstone remedies for Hemorrhoids, lal kitab remedies for piles. 


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