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Astrology Reasons of Mental Problem

Myths Related To Mental Problems, facts related to mental diseases, मानिसक रोगों का ज्योतिषी कारण और समाधान, astrology reasons of mental problems and solutions. 

Mental disease is increasing in today's era, everyone suffer from some kind of mental diseases sometime because of highly competitive environment, fear of suffering from disease, lonely environment, people have been spending most of the time with computers or mobiles.

Astrology Reasons of Mental Problem
Astrology Reasons of Mental Problem

Generally people try to avoid psychic patients but it is not good, they need great care so in spite of avoiding them, it is good to understand them and help them to adopt the right path.

Myths Related To Mental Problems

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Is Every Mental Patient is dangerous?

 No, every mental patient is not dangerous, some are at beginning stage, some are in depression and so behaving abnormally, some are in misconceptions, some are suffering from OCD etc. These types of patients are not dangerous and never harm other, Only hyper patients are harmful and not always. These patients need proper treatments and care. 

A Mental Patient Has To Take Medicines Whole Life

It is not true in every case, everything depends upon case and environment. So don’t predict anything without proper diagnosis of disease.

Every mental patient has to pass through electric shock treatment ?

No, this is not true, electric shock therapy is given to only those who are very hyper to control them and it is given under guidance of experts. So it is used only if necessary. 

Children of psychic patient also become psychic?

No, this is not true, little symptoms may arise sometimes but if proper environment is maintained in family then no doubt person is able to live a good life. 

Some More Important Points Related to Mental diseases:

  1. Every mental patient memory is not affected, Mood swing is seen mostly due to which abnormal behavior is seen time to time. 
  2. It is not possible to get rid of mental disorders by using drugs, alcohol etc so don’t use them. 
  3. Mental diseases are not contagious so don’t worry about it. 
  4. Every mental patient don’t try to do suicide so remove this delusion also from mind.
  5. Astrology also help in finding out solutions of mental problems so do consult astrologer for astrology solutions. 
  6. It is possible to treat  some mental disorders completely if proper medication is taken, so always consult doctor, astrologer before reaching at any decision.

Let us now know the astrological reasons of mental diseases:

  • If you want to know about the causes of mental illnesses through astrology, you have to study the horoscope very carefully and minutely because there can be many reasons for it.
  • If the ascendant in the horoscope is very weak and there is an eclipse yoga being formed or if the moon becomes debilitated then the native may suffer from mental diseases.
  • If Rahu and Mars sit together in the first house, then the native may suffer from mental diseases.
  • If angarak yoga, grahan yoga form in in the first house of the horoscope, eighth house and happiness house then the native may suffer from mental illnesses.

For what reason a person will suffer from mental illness, it will depend on which planet is related to his mind house and which other houses are being related to it. For example some people become mentally ill due to being deceived in love, some people become mentally ill due to not getting a job, some people become mentally ill due to not getting the right partner after marriage, some people become mental due to black magic done by enemy, some people also suffer from mental problems due to being trapped in confusion.

Therefore, there is no single reason, only by studying the birth chart minutely, it is possible to to know the reasons and remedies. Therefore, it is good to consult an EXPEREICNED ASTROLOGER for birth chart analysis and solutions. 

If you are also going through any mental disease, then don’t worry and don’t hesitate to consult psychiatrist as well as ASTROLOGER for best treatment and astrology remedies. 

Know which worship will be auspicious for you, which gem will be lucky for you, when will you get success, etc.

So overcome from myths and treat the diseases as diseases only and take proper treatment through homeopathy, yoga , ayurveda, allopathy, Astrology etc.

Myths Related To Mental Problems, facts related to mental diseases, मानिसक रोगों का ज्योतिषी कारण और समाधान, astrology reasons of mental problems and solutions. 


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