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Autism Disease And Astrology

Autism and astrology remedies, symptoms, simple home remedies, horoscope reading for autism disease and solutions through vedic jyotish. 

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Autism is associated with a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Autism is a disorder of brain development that affects a person's social behavior and interaction. It is associated with a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

autism disease reasons and remedies in astrology
Autism Disease And Astrology

In medical astrology, we are able to find the planetary causes of autism by reading the birth chart minutely because according to Vedic astrology, there is a planetary influence behind every event.

To find out the main astrological causes of autism, the study of Lagna, second house and third house is important. Along with this, the study of the planet Mercury is also important.
Many times it is not known from the Lagna Kundli whether the child may have this disease or not, in such a situation the analysis of  CHANDRA KUNDLI is needed.

What can be the symptoms of autism?

This disease is related to development disorder and so person affected with autism may suffer from several issues like –

Attention deficiency, depressive tendency, obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD), sleepiness, inability to focus mind, try to be ascetic, problem in speaking properly and right words at right time, Dyspraxia i.e Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD), very slow learning capacity, very emotional or no emotions for anyone and anything, mood swings, bipolar disorder, some have self harming tendencies, fearing nature. Problems in reading and writing, remaining inactive in physical activities or repetitive behavior etc.

These people hesitate to be social because they have a fear in mind always and this make their nature more critical.

Autism and astrology remedies, symptoms, simple home remedies, horoscope reading for autism disease and solutions through vedic jyotish. 

How planets affect the development of a person as per vedic astrology?

  1. If lagna is causing bad effects then it directly affects the mind of the person. Along with this, if the lord of the Ascendant is also bad, then it is also not auspicious for the personality.
  2. If the lagna is influenced by enemy Rahu or Ketu, it also increases the intensity of the power of the troubled mind.
  3. If the second house in the birth chart is bad in any way or the lord of the second house is inauspicious, then it negatively affects the speech power of the person.
  4. If the second house of the horoscope is affected by inauspicious Rahu or Ketu or its lord is affected by inauspicious planets, then the person also does not make life in a better way as it affects the growth.
  5. The third house of the birth chart is also important as it is directly associated with strength, potential and hence if this house is not generating positivity, then the person has to sacrifice a lot in life due to inability to develop life at the best level. 
  6. If the lord of the third house and the lord of the ascendant sit in each other's house and both are in inauspicious positions in the horoscope, then it creates a very complicated situation in life.
  7. If the third house is affected by malefic Rahu or Ketu or the lord of third house is affected by malefic Rahu or Ketu then it also affects the personality in a negative way.
  8. Along with this, it is also seen that if the child is born under the transit of inauspicious planets, then the chances of health related problems increase a lot.
  9. Not only the horoscope of the child is important but the birth chart of the parents is also very important to study the health of the children as the horoscope of the parents also tells how the health of the children will be. In my studies I have found that people who have malefic planets in their 5th houses also suffer from the health of children.
  10. It has also been found in the research that if Vish Yoga, or Angarak Yoga or other bad yoga is being formed in the twelfth house of the horoscope, then there may be a problem in the mental development of the person.
  11. Even if the lord of the eighth house sits in the twelfth house in debilitated position then it keeps the native suffering from any chronic disease.
                    So the first house, second house, third house, eighth house, twelfth house in the birth chart are very closely related to Autism.

                    The severity of problem may depend upon the power of malefic planets in birth chart.

                    Autism and astrology remedies, symptoms, simple home remedies, horoscope reading for autism disease and solutions through vedic jyotish. 

                    Astrology remedies of Autism or personality disorder:

                    There is no hard and fast rule to treat autism or development issues as there is no fixed cause of the disease. So the solutions to this problem depend on which planet is causing problems in life and the strength and position of malefic planets in the birth chart.

                    If the houses and planets affecting the health are not very powerful, then the health improves quickly with the help of remedies and treatment, but in some serious situations, the full benefit is not possible.

                    The astrology treatment of autism or development disorder may include:
                    So if any child is passing through autism then it may be for a particular period or maybe it will affect life for long. Everything depends upon the planetary positions in horoscope.

                    So it is better to consult best and experienced astrologer to know the reasons of any disease and then it is possible to find out the best remedies of any problem.

                    If you are facing child problem, memory problem, fear problem then do consult for medical astrology consultancy and know about –
                    • Which planets are generating problems in life?
                    • Which poojas are beneficial?
                    • How to overcome from chronic diseases?
                    • Which transits are dangerous for life?
                    • Which type of medical issues may disturb the life?

                    Let us know some simple measures that you can do at home for the mental development of the child:

                    1. Play the sound of OM in the house, this will create positive energy in the house and everyone will get its benefits.
                    2. After taking advice from a good Ayurveda expert, Do SWARN PRASHAN.  It is very good for overall development of child.
                    3. Light a lamp in the name of your family goddess/kul devi, family deity/Kul devta and ancestors and pray for a healthy life, this will definitely open the way.
                    4. If the child is suffering from many health problems then do give SPELLED water to child. Invoke water with the Mahamrityunjaya mantra.
                    5. If you are capable then do recite DATTTREY KAWACH daily and pray to God for the health of the child. Nothing is impossible by blessing of lord  datta who has the power of trinity.
                    6. You can also get astrological remedies by showing the horoscope of child and parents.

                    Autism and astrology remedies, symptoms, simple home remedies, horoscope reading for autism disease and solutions through vedic jyotish. 


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