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Autism Disease And Astrology

Autism and astrology remedies, horoscope reading for autism disease and solutions through vedic jyotish. 

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. Autism is associated with a combination of genetic and environmental factors.
autism disease reasons and remedies in astrology
Autism Disease And Astrology

In medical astrology, we are able to find the planetary reasons of autism by reading the birth chart minutely because as per vedic astrology, behind every incident, there are planets. 

Study of lagna, 2nd house and 3rd houses are important to find the main astrology reasons of autism or development. With this study of mercury is also important.

What are the symptoms of Autism?

This disease is related to development disorder and so person affected with autism may suffer from several issues like –
Attention deficiency, depressive tendency, obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD), sleepiness, inability to focus mind, try to be ascetic, problem in speaking properly and right thing at right time, Dyspraxia - Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD), very slow learning capacity, very emotional or no emotions for anyone and anything, mood swings, bipolar disorder, some have self harming tendencies, fearing nature. Problems in reading and writing, remaining inactive in physical activities or repetitive behavior etc.
These people hesitate to be social because they have a fear in mind always and this make their nature more critical.

Watch video:

How planets affect the development of a person as per vedic astrology?

  1. If the ascendant or lagna is generating malefic impact then it directly affect the mind of a person. With this if the lord of lagna is also malefic then this is not a good for a powerful personality.
  2. If there is impact of malefic rahu or ketu in lagna then it also enhance the intensity of problematic mind power.
  3. If the 2nd house in birth chart is disturbed in any way or the lord of second house is malefic then also it affects the speech power of a person.
  4. If the second house of kundli is affected by malefic rahu or ketu or it’s lord is affected by malefic planets then also the person is not able to make life in a better way because it affects the development. 
  5. 3rd house of birth chart is also important because it is directly associated with strength, potential and so if this house is not generating positivity then person has to sacrifice a lot in life due to inability to develop personality at level best.
  6. If the the lord of 3rd house and ascendant exchange house and both the lord are in malefic condition in horoscope then this generates a very complicated position in life.
  7. If the third house is affected by malefic rahu or ketu or the lord of 3rd house is affected by malefic rahu or ketu then also it affect the personality in negative manner.
  8. With this it is also observed that if the birth of child takes place in the transit of malefic planets then the probability of having health issues increase very much.
  9. Not only the child horoscope is important but the birth chart of parents are also very important to study the health of children because the kundli of parents also shows that how will be the health of children. In my case studies, I have found that people who have malefic impact in their 5th houses are also suffering from children health.
So in reality the Ist house, 2nd house and 3rd house in birth chart are very closely related to the disease “autism”.
The severity of problem may depend upon the power of malefic planets in kundli.

Astrology remedies of Autism or personality disorder:

There is no hard and fast rule of remedies in case of autism or development because there is not a single reason of disease. So solutions of this problem depend upon which planets are creating problems in life and what is the intensity of that planet. Remedies of development issues also depends upon the houses in birth chart.

The astrology treatment of autism or development disorder may include:
So if any child is passing through autism then it may be for a particular period or maybe it will affect life for long. Everything depends upon the planetary positions in horoscope.

So it is better to consult best and experienced astrologer to know the reasons of any disease and then it is possible to find out the best remedies of any problem.

If you are facing child problem, memory problem, fear problem then do consult for medical astrology consultancy and know about –
  • Which planets are generating problems in life?
  • Which poojas are beneficial?
  • How to overcome from chronic diseases?
  • Which transits are dangerous for life?
  • Which type of medical issues may disturb the life?

Autism and astrology remedies, स्वलीनता आटिज्म का ज्योतिष कारण और उपचारhoroscope reading for autism disease and solutions through vedic jyotish.


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