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Best solutions of Grahan Yoga By Astrologer

Grahan dosha, Remedies of grahan yoga in kundli, Pooja to minimize the impact of grahan yoga, kawach or tabij to minimize grahan yoga, Astrologer for grahan yoga solutions.
Solutions of Grahan Dosha
understand grahan yoga remedies
In my previous article 'What is Grahan yoga', I have already cleared about how it is formed and what are the impacts of grahan yoga. But here I am providing some more details about grahan yoga bad effects in life. I will also clear about what the best ways to reduce the malefic effects of GRAHAN YOGA.

As I have already cleared that rahu and ketu when sits with Sun and Moon then grahan yoga form in horoscope. But its effects depends upon in which house it is forming. 

For example here I am providing some details about this.

1. Grahan yoga In Ist House of horoscope:

If this yoga is present in first house of birth chart then definitely the person faces the depression problem and due to the impact of negativity suicidal attempts also done by the victim. 

It also makes the person short tempered. Impatience also seen in personality. Some times persons involves in illegal activities.

2. Grahan yoga In 4th House of Kundli:

This is the happiness place and if this house is affected then no doubt person has to work a lot to live a smooth and happy life. Mother health is also affected due to this and person some how faces problems in love life too. Due to najar dosha person always finds difficulty in making good relations.

3. Grahan yoga In 7th House of Horoscope:

Seventh house is the house of marriage, partnership etc. So grahan yoga in this house disturb the marriage life. Victim faces delay in marriage or divorce after marriage or misshapen make the marriage life problematic. 

Due to this person also faces problems due to the partners in business or any project too. Break up disturbs the personal life. 

4. Grahan yoga In 10th House of birth chart:

This is the karma place i.e. working place. So grahan yoga in this house is responsible for the in-stable livelihood or too much problems in working or business. Person wander in search of job or work but no response. In job due to leg pullers person faces too much problems. 

So above I have cleared about the impacts of grahan yoga in 4 important houses which are also called centre houses and these are very important. But this is not complete. In other houses grahan yoga generate the respective impacts. 

Some females faces problems of miscarriage, delay in pregnancy, bad dreams, unwanted fear etc.

Lots of conflicts disturb the life, person search peace and harmony but it goes away.

Remedies Of Grahan Dosha:

If you are wandering for the true remedies of grahan yoga, if you are in search for solutions, if you want to make your life hurdle free then don't hesitate to take the services of Astrologer Astroshree and get the best ways to over come from your stars problems.

1. By doing the shiva pooja regularly it is possible to minimize the malefic impacts of grahan yoga.

2. After proper analysis power kawach is made by ASTROSHREE which can protect you from the negative energies.

3. By installing siddha yantras at home it is also possible to over come from grahan yoga. 

4. Donating coconut on amavasya or no moon night also help you to over come from grahan yoga. 

5. Utara on specific day of business place and the victim is also necessary to get rid of negativity. 

6. Gems stones are also helpful. 

So contact now and know the best advise. This is one of the best On line astrology service provider and you will get proper response. Send the questions as per the format given in contact us page. 

If you have want to know more about Grhaan Yoga then Read Here About What is Grahan Yoga?
Grahan dosha, Remedies of grahan yoga in kundli, Pooja to minimize the impact of grahan yoga, kawach or tabij to minimize grahan yoga, Astrologer for grahan yoga solutions.

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