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Personality Number 1- How to wake up fortune

Personality Number 1- How to wake up fortune, characteristics of people having personality number 1, what to do to awaken fate/destiny, which is the lucky day, supportive gems stone as per numerology. 

If you are born on 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of the month, your personality number is 1. You are very special for this society, for your family because your number is related to Sun, which is related to name, fame, leadership potential etc..

all about Personality Number 1- How to wake up fortune by numerologist and astrologer
Personality Number 1- How to wake up fortune

According to numerology, if anyone has the personality number 1 and if the Sun is strong in the horoscope, then the person is bright, courageous, hard-working, with qualities of creativity.

In the summer season, when the sun is powerful, then there will be great power in your life too, you will be able to engage in new tasks, you will be able to work more enthusiastically to increase the work, while during rainy season and winter when the sun is not able to show its power at it’s best level then your energy may also become low. 

Let us first know what characteristics can be seen in people having personality number 1?

  1. There is tremendous energy in you, due to which whatever be the situation in life, you face it steadily and achieve your goal.
  2. People with personality number 1 also have great courage and leadership ability, due to which, since childhood, they have different supremacy among their friends.
  3. The art of making someone your own is also very much inside you, due to which the contacts of people with personality number 1 are also very good.
  4. Individuals with personality number 1 retain their dominance even if they are in job, they have the ability to become officers by promotion. Even if such people are in business, they also create their own image.
  5. People with personality number 1 have a lot of energy, due to which they do not like sitting empty, they continuously move towards their goal.
  6. You like to work in a creative way, it can sometimes be difficult for you to follow the old customs. You want something new always in life.
  7. Individuals with personality number 1 also give a new direction to the society, they also become a source of inspiration for the people.
  8. If you truly love someone, then you live life with them very happily, try your best to keep your partner happy.
  9. Taking up responsibilities is another special thing about your personality and this quality gives you a different identity in the society.

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How people with personality number 1 are able to enhance their luck?

If you start any work on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of the month, it will be very good for you. And if Sunday coincides with these dates, it will be even better.

Those who have personality number 1 should use golden yellow color in their life to get more luck, like if you use golden yellow color like bedsheets, handkerchief, shirt, etc., it will be better.

Which gem is lucky for people having personality number 1?

Since you are related to the Sun, so to increase the power of the Sun, you should wear ruby gems stone which is called Padma-raga in Sanskrit, Yakrut in Persian, Chunni in Urdu and Manikya in hindi.

This gem should be allowed to be made in auspicious time on Sunday and it should be worn on Sunday itself.

Whom worship is good for personality number 1 people?

If your personality number is one, then you should worship Sun God at sunrise every day and recite Aditya Hriday. With this chant any spell of sun as much as you can to enhance luck. 

Let us know, what will be the impact on personality number 1 people if the sun is in a bad state:

  1. You may have heart related problems, blood pressure problems, eye problems if the power of  the Sun decreases in life.
  2. Traveling abroad can cause trouble or hindrance.
  3. You will not get the required benefits in business trips.
  4. There may be difficulty in obtaining ancestral property.
  5. Relations with high officials will not be right.
  6. Father's happiness will not be attained.
  7. Name and fame will not be received.
  8. Despite having knowledge, they will not be able to use it.

Which yantra will be good for people having personality number 1?

If you install a charge sun yantra and then chant surya mantra daily then this will be good for you. It will be also good for you to worship surya yantra before going to start any auspicious work or journey to enhance fortune. 

Let us know the names of some world famous celebrities whose personality number is 1:

  • Sikandar, his date of birth is 1 July.
  • Meena Kumari, famous bollywood actress, her date of birth is 1 August.
  • Lata Mangeshkar, world famous singer, her date of birth is 28 September.
  • Captain Cook, his date of birth is 28 October.

If seen, if the position of the Sun is good in the horoscope of person with personality number 1, then there is no doubt that they have tolerance, leadership ability, are expert in making strategy, are creative, are responsible and somewhat different thinking. 

Weakness in the characteristics is seen when the Sun is weak. So in that case, it is good to adopt right remedies by consulting experienced Numerologist and astrologer. 

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Personality Number 1- How to wake up fortune, characteristics of people having personality number 1, मूलांक १ वाले लोग अपना भाग्य कैसे जगाएं?, what to do to awaken fate/destiny, which is the lucky day, supportive gems stone as per numerology.


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