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Personality Number 2- How to wake up fortune

Personality Number 2- How to wake up fortune, characteristics of people having personality number 2, what to do to awaken fate/destiny, which is the lucky day, supportive gems stone as per numerology. 

all about Personality Number 2- How to wake up fortune by numerologist and astrologer
Personality Number 2- How to wake up fortune

If you are born on 2, 11, 20th, and 29th of any month, your personality number is 2. Number  2 is related to the moon, which is related to sentimentality, tenderness, imagination, kindness etc.

According to numerology, if someone has personality number 2 and the moon is strong in the horoscope, then the people are sweet-spoken, they are true lovers, their mind is very fickle, they like to live in imaginary world, their heart is soft. There is a feeling of pity for all. That is why people also take advantage of you wrongly, if you ask for help, you are not able to refuse.

According to the position of the moon, the state of mind of such people also keeps changing, that is, on Amavasya, such people may feel very weak, while on the full moon day,  their morale keeps increasing.

Such people also become suspicious when the moon is weak in the horoscope.

Let us now know some special things related to people with personality number 2:

  1. Natives who have Personality number 2 can do mental tasks more well than physical works.
  2. People with Personality number 2 have special love for beauty and it is very easy for you to fascinate someone's mind.
  3. There is also a special art of knowing what is going on in other’s mind, due to which you come to know that the person talking to you is genuine or not. 
  4. If people with personality number 2 do their work near river, sea or any water source  then they will get the support of luck.
  5. When the Moon is low, your confidence also starts to weaken, so if you keep patience for a few days, then you cannot be harmed.
  6. Your mind is very fickle due to which it is difficult to last long with any task, so if you can control your habit, you can touch the peak of success quickly and easily.
  7. Be patient before falling in love with someone, do not take any decision in a hurry, otherwise you may get cheated.
  8. Due to soft and tenderness, people take advantage of you by flattering, so beware of such people, then you will avoid many losses.
  9. Imagination power is very good in you, so you can become a good designer, be a good marketer, be a good consultant, you can be very successful in service work.
  10. When people with personality number 2 truly love someone, they can go to any extent for them.
  11. Such people are not able to tolerate cheating in relationships nor do they think of cheating anyone.

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What to do to get more luck with personality number 2:

If you start any work on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month, it will be very good for you. And if Monday coincides with these dates, then it will be even better.

Number 2 people should use white color as much as possible in their lives to get more luck, like you can use white color bed sheets, handkerchiefs, shirts, etc., it will be better. In addition to white, you can also use light colors.

Apart from this, if you use silver glass and plate to eat and drink water then it will be better for you.

Which gem arouses luck for personality number 2?

Since number 2 is related to the moon, you can wear pearl gems to further increase the power of the moon. Pearl is called Muktak in Sanskrit, in Persian it is called Motia, in hindi, it is called Moti.

This gem should be made in silver on auspicious time on Monday and it should be worn on Monday itself.

Whom worship is good for personality number 2 people to awaken fortune?

If your personality number is two, then you should see the moon every day and chanting of the moon spell will be auspicious for you and arouse your luck.

Along with this, you should also do Shiva Puja daily and chant the Panchakshari Mantar "Om Namah Shivaya" as much as you can. 

Let us know, what will be the impact on personality number 2 people if the Moon is in a bad state:

  1. When the Moon's power is low, you may have a stomach related problem, you may have problems related to the muscles, there may be gas, there may be problems related to the intestines.
  2. You can also have mental illness, so keep yourself away from grief.
  3. The expected benefits will not be available in the journeys.
  4. Relationship with mother may be bad or problems may increase due to her health.
  5. You can be deceived in love.
  6. Ability to work may decrease, laziness may increase.
  7. Weak moon also leads to black magic or negative energy impacts on native easily.

Which yantra will be good for people having personality number 2?

If you want to get the blessings of Chandra Dev, then you should chant Chandra mantra by installing a siddha Chandra Yantra and before performing any important work, you should see the Siddha Chandra Yantra and take blessings.

Let us know the names of some world famous celebrities whose personality number is 2:

  • Dilip Kumar Bollywood actor, he was born on 11 December.
  • Morarji Desai, who was the fourth Prime Minister of India, was born on 29 February.
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri and Mahatma Gandhi, born on 2 October.
  • Asha Parikh Bollywood actress, she was born on 11 November.
  • Mala Sinha Bollywood actress, she was born on 20 February.

So if seen, if the position of the moon is good in the horoscope of people with personality number 2, then there is no doubt that they have kindness, tenderness, prove to be good companions, are creative, are expert in imagination, responsible, They also have special qualities to understand others.

Weakness in the qualities may be  seen when the Moon is weak, in such a situation, the support of mantra, yantra and other measures should be done by consulting numerologist.

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Personality Number 2- How to wake up fortune, characteristics of people having personality number 2, what to do to awaken fate/destiny, which is the lucky day, मूलांक 2 वाले लोग अपना भाग्य कैसे जगाएंsupportive gems stone as per numerology. 


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