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Personality Number 5- How to wake up fortune

Personality Number 5- How to wake up fortune, characteristics of people having personality number 5, what to do to awaken fate/destiny, which is the lucky day, supportive gems stone as per numerology. 

If you are born on 5, 14, 23 of any month, your personality number is 5. Radix 5 is related to the planet Mercury, which is related to intelligence, strategic mind,  unique sense, activity, humor, art of speaking, versatility etc.

all about Personality Number 5- How to wake up fortune by numerologist and astrologer.
Personality Number 5- How to wake up fortune

According to numerology, if the radix of someone is 5 and Mercury is strong in the horoscope, then the native gets name and fame in life by his wisdom. Such people are expert in getting their work done. They do not like to sit empty and always do something.

Whenever the position of Mercury planet is weak in transiting horoscope, then people with Radix 5 will feel weakness, conflict will increase in life, relations will start to deteriorate, etc.

If the planet Mercury becomes very strong then in such a situation the person becomes a ripped mouth. 

Let us now know some special things related to people with personality number 5:

  1. Natives of Radix 5 remain cheerful and are not able to live alone for long.
  2. Others also like you because you know how to entertain.
  3. If you truly love someone, then there is nothing left to keep them happy.
  4. People with radix 5 make someone their own very quickly, that is why the number of friends in their life is very high.
  5. People with Radix 5 are also expert in planning, so whether you have a job or business, you become successful easily.
  6. You have a lot to adapt according to the circumstances and this is one of the main reasons for your success.
  7. Such people have more than one source of income because the people with personality number 5 does not like to sit empty.
  8. There is always some thought going on in your mind or say that you are engaged in making some policy.
  9. Due to the influence of Mercury, people with Radix 5 are versatile and for this reason they easily make their own identity anywhere.
  10. Many times the rash also becomes harmful for you, so take care.
  11. Hypnotizing others with your behavior is your greatest strength.

Let us know that what diseases or troubles can the native have if the lord Mercury of Radix 5 is in a bad state?

  • Skin diseases can easily make you nervous.
  • You can suffer from mental illness .
  • Blood pressure, heart disease can also cause problems in life. 
  • Such people also become victims of paralysis.
  • If you stay alone for a long time, Radix 5 people starts to suffer from apathy and depression.
  • Many times, they get slandered by being in the wrong company.
  • There may be loss in business.
  • The body may fade.
  • Native may engage in controversy due to debates.

Now let’s know, how people of personality number 5 can enhance luck :

If you start any work on the 5th, 14th, 23rd of the month, it will be very good for you. And if Wednesday coincides with these dates, then it will be a very special day for you.

Those who have personality number 5 should use light green color in their life to get more luck. Like if you use light green color like bedsheets, handkerchief, shirt, etc., it will be better.

Apart from this, if you eat food on a bronze(Kansa) plate, drink water in a glass of bronze, it will be very auspicious for you.

Which gem is lucky for personality number 5 People?

Since you are related to the planet Mercury, you can wear Emerald gemstone with Radix 5 to increase the power of Mercury. Emerald is called Panna in Hindi.

This gem should be worn in auspicious time on Wednesday, made in platinum or gold on auspicious occasion.

Whom worship is good for personality number 5 people to awaken fortune?

If your radix is 5, then you should worship Lord Ganesha along with godess Lakshmi ji, this will remove obstacles and help you with luck.

Which yantra will be good for people having personality number 5?

You should install the Siddha Budh Yantra and chant the Mercury Mantras daily in front of them and before performing any important work, you should take blessings from Siddha Mercury Yantra.

Let us know the names of some world famous celebrities whose personality number is 5:

  • William Shakespeare, famous artist, playwright, poet, was born on 23 April.
  • Karl Marx, German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary, was born on 5 May.
  • Queen Victoria, she was born on 23 May.
  • Subhash Chandra Bose, he was born on 23 May.
  • Prem Chopra, actor, was born on 23 December.
  • Raj Kapoor, actor, was born on 14 December.

If seen, if Mercury is good in the horoscope of people with having Radix 5, then there is no doubt that they have eloquence, the art of making others their own, the art of getting their work done, the acumen, the art of making policy, the habit of doing something etc. will be seen in abundance.

Due to the weakness of Mercury planet, there seems to be a decrease in qualities, in such a situation, use Mantra, Yantra and other measures should be done by consulting numerologist and astrologer.

Hopefully in this article, you will have received a lot of information related to the Radix 5 people.

If you want to know what is happening in your life according to your horoscope, then you can contact astrologer and numerologist.

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Personality Number 5- How to wake up fortune, characteristics of people having personality number 5, what to do to awaken fate/destiny, which is the lucky day, मूलांक 5 वाले लोग कैसे जगाएं अपना भाग्य, supportive gems stone as per numerology. 


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