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Personality Number 7- How to wake up fortune

Personality Number 7- How to wake up fortune, characteristics of people having personality number 7, what to do to awaken fate/destiny, which is the lucky day, supportive gems stone as per numerology. 

If you are born on the 7th, 16th, and 25th of the month, your radix will be 7. Radix 7 is related to the planet Ketu, which is related to tolerance, mildness, simplicity, and imagination etc.

about Personality Number 7- How to wake up fortune by astrologer and numerologist
Personality Number 7- How to wake up fortune

According to numerology, if the radix of someone is 7 and Ketu's position in the horoscope is good, then the people are fond of traveling in life, are also expert in imagining, are creative, prove to be good companions.

Such people, if they are writers, poets, designers, then create a different identity with their remarkable works.

If people with radix 7 are connected to spirituality then they can become very high-quality yogis.

Whenever the position of Ketu planet is weak in transit horoscope, then people with Radix 7 will feel weakness, the struggle in life will increase.

If the Ketu planet becomes very strong, then the native may be disillusioned, fearfully lazy, and ruin everything in the company of negative people.

Let us now know some special things related to people with personality number 7:

  1. Natives of Radix 7 prefer to follow their own decisions.
  2. Such people are passionate, so if they make a goal, then they achieve it anyhow.
  3. The native of Radix 7 always likes to be active positively.
  4. They have amazing art of presenting their ideas effectively.
  5. Suddenly big changes happen in your life from time to time.
  6. Your contacts are  also be very good.
  7. You know changing yourself as per environment which will help you to make relationships.
  8. People with Radix 7 are brilliant.
  9. Your memory power is also very good.
  10. The natives of Radix 7 are adventurous as well as mysterious.
  11. Such people also get hurt in their feelings.
  12. Such people are good in imagination, so they get success in work related to art easily.
  13. From time to time, people with radix 7 suddenly get big benefits..

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Let us know that what diseases or troubles can the native have if the lord ketu of Radix 7 is in a bad state?

  • You may suffer from contagious disease, so be careful.
  • You may suffer from digestive problems.
  • You may also suffer from venereal disease.
  • Memory power may weak as per increasing age.
  • You may easily ruin your life by getting addicted so stay away from smoking, alcohol etc.
  • Blood related disorders can also make you nervous.

Now let’s know, how people of personality number 7 can enhance luck :

If you start any work on the 7th, 16th, 25th of the month, it will be very good for you.

White color and light blue color are favorable colors to enhance luck for people having personality number 7.  For example, if you use the above mentioned colors in bed sheets, handkerchiefs, shirts, etc., it would be good.

Which gem is lucky for personality number 7 People?

Since you are related to the planet Ketu, you can wear Cat’s eye to increase the strength of Ketu. It is called lehsunia in hindi, and veduryamani in Sanskrit.

Whom worship is good for personality number 7 people to awaken fortune?

If your radix is 7, then daily you should worship lord Narasimha.

Which yantra will be good for people having personality number 7?

You should install Siddha Ketu Yantra, chant Ketu Mantras daily in front of it and before performing any important work, you should take blessings of this yantra.

Let us know the names of some world famous celebrities whose personality number is 7:

  • Jeetendra, Bollywood actor, was born on 7 April.
  • Hemamalini, Indian actress, was born on 16 October.
  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Prime Minister of India, was born on 25 December.
  • O.P. Nayyar, Indian musician, was born on 16 January.

So, If seen, if Ketu's position is good in the horoscope of people with Radix 7, then there is no doubt that such people are mystical, imaginary, passionate, adventurous, do something big in life and make different identity.

Due to the weakening of Ketu planet, there is a lack in above qualities, in such situation, it is good to use  mantra, yantra and other remedies by consulting astrologer and numerologist.

Hopefully in this article, you will have received a lot of information related to Radix 7 people. 

If you want to know what is happening in your life according to your horoscope, then you can contact astrologer and numerologist.


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