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What is Akaal Mrityu Premature death

What is the truth of premature death, what happens after a premature death, how to avoid untimely death, what can be done for those who have suffered a premature death, Akal Mrityu |

what is Akaal Mrityu Premature death
What is Akaal Mrityu Premature death

What is premature death?

Death is irrevocable, but there are many people who become grasps of untimely period due to various reasons like due to accident, due to some disease, due to pandemic etc. Those whose age is very written, but due to some reason, if the person leave the body soon, then such death is termed as premature death.

Generally, if someone leaves the body at a very young age, it is also called premature death.

If anyone dies of hunger, or is killed by a violent creature,  Or by hanging a noose around the neck, who died or who gets death by poison, fire etc. Or who has died due to drowning in water or who has died due to snake bite, or who dies due to accident or disease comes in category of premature death.

Suicide is also a premature death, but in our scriptures, suicide has been described as the most reprehensible and abominable. Lord Vishnu has described suicide as an insult to God. Upon natural death, the soul takes on another body in time, but the suicidal person wanders on the earth until it completes the life cycle prescribed by nature.

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Let us know what happens after death according to scripture?

According to the Bhagavad-gītā, whatever subject is running at the time of death will decide the future of person i.e. the next birth and state. 

There are different types of birth like as ghost birth, insect birth, snake birth, yaksha, pitru etc. after leaving the body, the soul will get the next state as per the deeds in present birth. 

Some people get liberated from the cycle of birth and death because of their spiritual practices and believe on god. 

Those who passed through premature death and have a lot of unfulfilled desires become ghost or prêt or we can say that the wish to get connected with the materialistic world force the soul to remain in Pret yoni. 

Many such people will be found around us who feel the presence of departed souls in the house all the time or at some particular time, one sees the departed souls even in dreams, they ask for something. All this is proof that even after death, the existence remains.

There are many families in which there was tribulation, but after Pitra Shanti Puja everything went well, this is also proof that some powers are not visible but they exist.

That is why there are many rituals mentioned in our scriptures, in which prayers are made for the liberation and progress of unquenchable souls and every human should do this time to time.

The ghost is in search of the body to fulfill his desires, that is why we will find such people, who have been subdued by the ghosts nd then only a tantric saves him or her.

There are many such temples and mosques all over the world where it can be seen directly that how the ghost keeps a body under his control. That is why it is not a superstition, only a victim can know the reality of possession and ghost attack. 

Let us now know how premature death is seen in astrology?

  • There is no single rule in astrology, to find out premature death or akaal mrtiyu, many  yogas are studied, planetary positions are checked, transits are checked.
  • The eighth house present in the horoscope is studied.
  • The condition of bad planets is studied.
  • The position of Mars and Saturn is also studied.
  • Yogas formed in the eighth house is also studied.
  • The sixth house, eighth house and twelfth house are studied in the horoscope etc. 

Let us now know what are the measures to avoid premature death?

  1. Those who have blessings of spiritual master or god are easily saved from premature death, so have full reverence for Guru and god and chant Guru Mantra regularly.
  2. Mahamrityunjay anusthan is a good way to save from premature death. 
  3. If anyone is passing through transit of malefic planets then it is good to proceed for grah shanti by consulting astrologer. 
  4. If black magic has been done by the enemy, then in order to avoid this, one should wear spelled shield by consulting astrologer. 
  5. If you have been worshiping a god for a long time, then continue it and pray from the heart for a happy life.
  6. Do not let dirt accumulate in your house anywhere.
  7. On chaudas and Amavasya, do offer tarpan for the ancestors and spirits and pray for their peace and salvation. 
  8. Read Bhagavad Gita regularly.
  9. Help the needy people
  10. Arrange food, water for animals.

 So by doing some small measures, we can avoid premature death and live our life properly.

Let us now know what to do for someone in the family if there is a premature death?

If due to some reason a premature death has occurred in the family, then in such a way, you can take some measures for their salvation, such as -

  • Regularly recite the Bhagavad Gita for their sake and take blessings of the Brahmin by giving them food, clothes and money.
  • After chanting Guru Mantra or any spell of god or goddess, leave his virtue for them.
  • Do TARPAN for the soul.
  • One can chant Shiva Panchakshari Mantra regularly for the departed soul.
  • If someone has died prematurely in the family, then try to do best for their salvation, this will help the family to live a smooth and successful life. 

If someone has died prematurely in the family, then do the best for their salvation.

If you are suffering from some disease, if you are suffering from serious problems and want astrology solution then you can contact.

What is the truth of premature death, अकाल मृत्यु का सच क्या है , what happens after a premature death, how to avoid untimely death, what can be done for those who have suffered a premature death, Akal Mrityu |


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