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Astrology Remedies For Girls Marriage

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The marriage of any girl in family is a very important occasion. Girl marriage is taken as a work of virtue in Hindu family. This is the occasion in which the parents hand over the part of heart to another one. This is the most emotional moment of life. Every member of family try to contribute the best in the girls marriage.

Astrology Remedies For Girls Marriage
Astrology Remedies For Girls Marriage

Every parent wait for this auspicious moment of daughter marriage. But some times due to problems in horoscope the marriage of daughter gets delayed. In spite of having all qualities the parents not get the proper match for their loving daughter. The issue of girls marriage some times become a big issue in family.

I am writing this article for the well being of parents and those who are suffering from the tension of daughter marriage or any girl marriage. Here i will clear that what are the main problems which are responsible for the delay in girls marriage.

From the birth chart of a girl, her husband, in-laws, future life can be predicted.  According to Vedic astrology, the 12 houses of the horoscope tell a lot like from the seventh house one can know about the husband, from the fourth house one can know about happiness in their life, the destiny of the husband can also be known. The financial status of the future husband can also be known etc.

How will the husband be?

If the seventh house of the horoscope is affected by auspicious planets, then the girl gets a very good husband, loving partner, whereas if the seventh house is weak or under the influence of inauspicious planets, then it represents mismatched marriage, Dissatisfaction appears after.
One more thing to keep in mind is that if the seventh lord is also auspicious and is being seen by auspicious planets, then there is no doubt that the husband will be very good.

When will the girl get married?

To predict about the girl's marriage it is good to analyse Lagna Kundli, Chandra Kundli and Navamsa Kundli deeply. It has been seen that marriages are formed in the dasha of the seventh house in Chandra kundli  or in the dasha of the seventh house of the lagna chart or 9 D chart.
For best possible time of marriage it is also necessary to check the power of planets in horoscope. 

How will the husband's work be?

If the lord of the fourth house in girl's horoscope is with auspicious planets and is powerful or if auspicious and powerful planets are sitting in the fourth house, then surely the husband will be wealthy, will be in very good business or will do a very good job. There will never be a shortage of money in life.
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How will be the health of the girl's husband?

If the second house and the seventh house in the girl's horoscope are auspicious, and if the master of the second house is auspicious and powerful, then the husband of the girl will be healthy, will have good self-confidence and will be of sharp mind.

Lets see some yoga in birth chart or kundli or horoscope which create delay in girls marriage:

In Indian astrology or vedic astrology there are many yogas which shows the delay in marriage of girls, some of them are-
  1. Mangal Dosha or Impact of Mars:  This is a very common problem in this age. Due to this yoga it is said that the girl will not be good for the health of the partner so it is very necessary to find a partner who has the same impact of mars. So due to this the marriage gets delayed. due to inappropriate knowledge sometimes just without analyzing the horoscope minutely we some times leave a very good relation. In this context i want to say that mangal yoga is very good some times and to analyze this it is good to get the minute analysis. Only an experienced astrologer can tell you that whether there is really mangal dosha in kundli and is it effective or not. Some times to earn money many consultant gives wrong decision which is not good. While analyzing the chart it is good to see the degree, the combination, the sight etc then only it is possible to find that whether there is a mangal dosha or not. Don't worry if your girl has mangal dosha just consult ones and get the proper remedies for smooth marriage life. Some times people do the mangal shanti when it is good in horoscope which will increase the probability of delay in marriage. Mangal is not harmful always. Some times it is good for personal and over all life and its shanti will make some negative impacts in life, so don't be hurry while doing any pooja. Have patience and consult good astrologer.
  2. Impacts of Negativity In Marriage Place: This is very important dosha and arise due to presence of any malefic planets in the marriage place. If the master of marriage place is negative then also the girls suffer for marriage and if marriage takes place then she suffers after marriage too. If any negative planets is present in marriage place then also the delay in marriage happens. So it is good to proceed for the shanti of those planets which are creating problems in marriage place.
  3. Grahan yogaIt is also an important yoga and if it is present in any girls kundli then it may be responsible for the delay in girl's marriage. So proper shanti is must to get good match and to live a smooth life.
  4. Kalsarp yogaIt is also an very important yoga which some times create big obstacles in girls marriage. So it is good to perform the proper pooja of this dosha. There are some special rings which if provide to the girls then it is also possible to minimize the impacts of kalsarp yoga.
  5. Vish dosha: Some times the vishkanya yoga in horoscope creates great obstacles in kundli. Due to this the parents suffers with the girl too for proper match. In this case also it is very necessary to proceed for shanti process of vish dosha.
  6. Using Wrong Gems stonesSome times i have found that some girls uses gems stone without proper consultancy due to which problems arises in life but they are not aware of this. In my life i have many times asked many girls to get off the rings and after that they got the match. So check that if your girl is wearing any stone and if it is proper or not. 
  7. Use of Fast: This is again a very important part. In India females due to family culture engage in doing fast of different types and days. But i have found that if any planet is supportive and the girl is doing fast of that day then she gets problem in marriage and health too.
  8. Pitra DoshaSome times this pita dosha also creates a big problem in marriage. Because of this it is also possible that you will not get perfect match for your beloved daughter. So it is better to do some thing to minimize this dosha. 

There are other dosha too which also create problems in girls life. So take proper guidance. 

Let us know what measures should be taken to remove the obstacles in the marriage of the girl :

If there is a delay in the marriage of the girl or if you are not getting a suitable groom, then there is no need to be disappointed, accurate measures can be done by consulting astrologer and here also some simple measures are given which can be done:
  1. Worship the banana tree on Thursday and do fast as well,  do take 7 rounds of the banana tree and pray for early marriage.
  2. Make a secret donation in the marriage of a girl for her good future and and maintain secrecy whole life.
  3. Worship Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi together or worship Shiva and Parvati together or worship Radha Krishna together, this will also help in marriage.
  4. You must do the Shanti Puja of malefic planet by consulting astrologer.
how to predict girls marriage, Which planet is responsible for marriage for girl?, Which house shows marriage?, astrology tips in english, solutions of problems in girls marriage, Tips for girls marriage.

So don't take anything lightly. Every thing and actions has impacts in life. So if you really want to live a good life, if you really in search of good match for your girl or daughter then take proper consultancy. One decision of your will put impacts in whole the life of your beloved. So don't do hurry take proper guidance and then move towards a golden future of your daughter.

If you are not getting proper match for girl or daughter, if you think that there is some dangerous impact in the horoscope of your girl or daughter, if you think that any gems stones or pooja will help you a lot then do consult now for the success way.

Astrology remedies for girls marriage, What are the obstacles present in girls marriage, what are the problems present in kundli or birth chart or horoscope which creates delay in girls marriage, solutions of problems in girls marriage, Tips for girls marriage.


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