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Money And Lagna Relations As Per Astrology

Money and lagna relationship, impact of lagna in life, how lagna affect our life?, how to make lagna powerful, lagna and success as per astrology, Astrologer for kundli or horoscope analysis. What is Lagna? Lagna is the Ist house of horoscope. As per Indian astrology or vedic astrology lagna is very important and it reveals many important things of life. So in horoscope reading lagna is given very importance. In money power analysis of any person, Lagna plays very important role. So to clear the importance of lagna i am writing this article. After reading article my readers will definitely understand the power of lagna and lagnesh in life. Importance of Lagna in Kundli or Horoscope: Lagna is the base of kundli and the master of lagna zodiac is called 'lagnesh'. So if in any one's kundli, Lagna, the master of lagna is auspicious and if the lagna is viewed by positive and powerful planets then no doubt the person will live a very good and successful life.  But if the lagna i…

Lottery And Astrology

Astrology and Lottery, Lottery winning yoga in kundli, How to win lottery?, Horoscope analysis for lottery, Astrologer for lottery winning analysis, Best analysis of horoscope. 
Lottery is a form of legal gambling in which the company raise funds by selling tickets and then give prize to some persons on the basis of draws on specific day and date. There is very much craze of lottery in people. This is also a good way to be a millionaire. But it is totally depends upon luck. If you are lucky then you can definitely win lottery. If your planetary positions are strong then no doubt you can win lottery. 
Here in this article i am going to reveal some yoga which will show the lottery winning chances. But don't be mad in the game of lottery. Because luck is not with every one and only 1 from thousands of people is lucky. So it is better to perform our regular work and just for entertaining we can use lottery. Don't be very serious to live life with lottery winning. 
Yogas In Kundli S…

Argala Strotram For Success

Argala Strotram For Success, English Meaning of Argala Strotram, Sanskrit argala strotram, 
Benefit of chanting Argala strotram, Video of Argalastrotram to know the pronunciation.

Argala strotram is present in Durgasaptsati and is a very powerful strotra to get the blessings of goddess of power i.e. durgaji. Durgashaptshati Argala strotram glory, Importance of argala strotram of durgashaptshati-
The most powerful and successful prayog of goddess is the chanting of argala strotram. Name, fame, money, success, status every thing is possible by the person who recite the argalastrotram daily in night. It is important to know some key point before starting the pooja of argala strotram to protect our self from negative energies and evil eye effects.
1. It is good to face towards North while reciting argala strotram.
2. This process must be continued for about 42 days.
3. It is good to do hawan with belwa patra and ghee 108 times atleast.
4. After completion of this powerful process of argala…

Black DATING ! Tips To Save Our Self

Increasing black dating in digital age, What is black dating, problems arises due to black dating, tips to protect from black dating, astrology reasons of getting trapped in black dating, astrologer for best tips. In this digital age we are very getting habitual of technology day by day. We need every thing online. In fact people wants to make the relationships only online. Every one is available online but they don't have time for any one to meet physically. And due to this fake dating concept comes in the world. This is the increasing issues in this digital era Now the main thing is that what is black dating and what happens in black dating. What is BLACK DATING? As per my analysis black dating means playing with emotions of persons(male or female). The cunning persons know the way to take the advantage of any emotional persons and they use this weakness of persons very smartly and get their work done. Many times we have heard that- A boy has taken amount from the parents of a gi…

Navadha Bhakti And Its Power

What is Navadha Bhakti?, Importance of Navadha Bhakti, Power of Navadha Bhakti, Some names of devotees, some adorer who attained the navadha bhakti, Best Ways To Follow The Rules of NAVADHA BHAKTI.
Bhakti is the easiest way to attain the aim of being human being. It is the smooth way to attain the god, It is the best way to enter in the divine world of subtle energies. 
As per Indian mythology there are several names who attained the ultimate goal of life through the way of navadha bhakti. 
Some Names of Bhakt or Devotees:
Shree Ram Bhakti - Hanumanji
Vishnu Bhakt - Prahlaad
Kaali Mata Bhakt - Shree Ram Krishna Param Hansa
Krishna Bhakt - Sudamaji
Vasudev Bhakt - Vidurji from Mahabharat era.
What is Bhakti? Here I want to say that bhakti is the "exclusive devotion" of a person towards the specific god. It is the exclusive love of a devotee towards the god and because of this person continuously remains in the feeling of his beloved god. No effort is needed to remember the god,…