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Shravan Month Importance

Shravan Month of 2021 importance, saawan mas 2021, सावन महीने का महत्त्व हिंदी ज्योतिष अनुसार, srawan mahina, what to do for success, festivals on 2021 Sawan month. In this year 2021 the 'Shravan Month' will start from 25th of July,  Sunday and remain till 22nd of august, sunday. As per astrology during this time, the 'star Shravan' will be in sky and major impact of this star will be there and so these days will be called as Shravan Month. This start is very important from the point of view of spiritual practices and so very important festivals comes in the shravan month. Shravan Month Importance In hindi we call this month "Sawan Mahina/ shravan maas" and this month is dedicated to lord shiva and so everywhere in the world devotees perform shiva aradhna to please shiva to make life successful. Kanwad Yatra is also very popular in Shravan month, in this devotees take the water from holy river and then abhishek the shivling. It is said to be ve

What To Do For Success on Guru Poornima?

What is guru poornima?, Story of guru poornima,  गुरु पूर्णिमा का महत्त्व हिंदी में ,  Importance of Guru poornima, What to do on guru poornima for success?,  Gurupurnima 2021. What To Do For Success on Guru Poornima? 2021 Guru Purnima: This year guru purnima is falling on 23 and 24th july depends upon belief. The actual full moon day of guru poornima is on 23rd of night. A very Auspicious day to please our GURU or the universal master to make our life successful. Watch video here: Let's Understand Guru Poornima: Guru poornima is the day to show gratitude to the spiritual masters. It is the day fixed by rishi ved vyas to worship our guru and show our thanks, felicitation. Guru is the person who shows us the right path and also teach us how to reach our real destination successfully. Guru is a power who transform a general person into a powerful and real personality who become beneficial for whole the world. In India gurus are worshiped for the ancient t

Dev Shayani Ekadashi Significance

Dev shayani ekadashi significance, padma ekadashi importance, hari shayani gyaras, meaning of dev shayani ekadashi, Planetary positions on this day.  Dev shayani ekadashi is falling on 20th of july2021, Tuesday. The eleventh day of Ashadh Shukla Paksh is very popular in India specially in hindus. It is believed that on this day lord vishnu start sleeping in Ksheer Sagar. In different region people call this ekadashi Padma ekadashi, prathama ekadashi, dev shayani ekadashi, hari shayani ekadashi.  Dev Shayani Ekadashi Significance Whole day and night devotees of lord vishnu or vasudev keep fast and try to engage themselves in chanting mantra, performing rituals etc. This day is also the starting of CHATURMAS which means 4 months to perform special rituals to get spiritual growth. In the year 2021 hari shayani ekadashi is falling on 20th of july, Tuesday. As per belief this ekadashi day came into existence when king Mandata performed the fast and rituals on this da

Questions answers Related to Meditation

Meditation benefits, music for meditation, benefits of dhyan,  ध्यान से सम्बन्धी प्रश्न उत्तर , some important questions and answers related to meditation.  Questions answers Related to Meditation Meditation is a very interesting subject and who ever do meditation definitely feel some special within. There are many people who leave meditation after sometime; some don’t start due to some fear of something abnormal.  There are different types of views present in mind of people for meditation like as this is done by saints only, this is not for common men, meditation make you acetic, it makes a person mad and so on.  But this is not the reality, so in this article we will try to know some important information about meditation. Before proceeding I want to clear that I am going to share my views as per my experience.   What is meditation or dhyan? Meditation is a practice to attain a stable state of mind. It is a fact that a stable mind is very powerful. In our normal state our mi

Gupt Navratri from 11 July to 18 juy 2021 significance

When will Gupt Navratri start in 2021, importance of Navratri of Ashadh month, auspicious time of kalash sthapna, how will be the position of planets, which sadhna can be done, what things should be kept in mind for success in Gupt Navratri. On 11th July 2021, Sunday, the Navratri of Ashadh month will start, which we all know by the name of Gupt Navratri. Gupt Navratri from 11 July to 18 juy 2021 significance Now the most important question is why this Navratri is called Gupta, the answer is, in this Navratri, knowledgeable people do spiritual practice secretly to fulfill their wishes and they get success because Navratri of the asadh month is very powerful. The gupt navratri of this year July 2021, is very important because this time we are going to get a very good yoga of planets, which will benefit the seekers a lot. Let us now know when we can establish the kalash i.e. ghat-sthapna time on  11th of july ? The kalash sthapna is done on Pratipada i.e. on ist day of shukla

Mars Transit in Leo on 20 july 2021 Predictions

When will mars change zodiac, impact of mars transit on 12 zodiacs, मंगल का राशी परिवर्तन का असर 12 राशी वालो पर क्या असर होगा?. We have seen in the earlier articles that 4 planets are going to change the zodiac in July 2021 and we have known the effect of change of zodiac signs of Mercury, Sun and Venus. In this article, we will know when Mars transit will take place and what will be its effect on 12 Rashi. Mars Transit in Leo on 20 july 2021 Predictions Let us know when will Mars change its zodiac? On 20th July 2021, at around 5:31 pm on Friday, Mars will leave Cancer and enter Leo. Mars is debilitated in Cancer, now Mars will become positive which will have a very good effect on people and environment. Let us know what will be the effect on 12 zodiac signs of Mars transit in Leo: Watch video here: Aries predictions: There will be increase in power within the people of Aries , creativity will increase, you will start doing better work than before. You will feel ve

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Which planets will change their zodiac in July 2021, 4 planets will change zodiac in july 2021- know predictions, जुलाई मे कौन से ग्रह बदलेंगे अपनी राशि , July horoscope, business, marriage, love life, illness, weather according to vedic astrology. In July 2021, 4 planets will change their zodiac, whose effects will be seen everywhere. In this article, we are going to know the effect of planetary transits. 3 Planets will change zodiac in July 2021 predictions According to astrology, July 2021 is going to be very important because 4 planets are going to change their zodiac which can bring big changes in the life of people. Let us know which are the planets which will change the zodiac in july 2021: The first planet is Mercury, which will change its zodiac on Wednesday, July 7 and will enter Gemini from Taurus. The second planet is the Sun, which will leave Gemini and enter Cancer on Friday, July 16 . The third planet is Venus, which will leave Cancer on Saturday, July 17, 2021