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Obesity Reasons and Remedies

Obesity Reasons and Remedies, Disadvantages of Obesity ?, How Astrology Help to get rid of it, How To Reduce Weight?, Astrologer for Health problems remedies. O besity is the mother of many diseases, and it is the rapidly growing problem of this fast food world. Not only elders but children are also suffering from obesity now a days. Now the question is why obesity takes place? what are the reason of obesity? and how to reduce weight? Obesity Reasons and Remedies Live a Healthy Life | Enjoy It completely Excess Weight of body and continuously increasing of weight is called obesity. Fat increases in the body very much which leads to obesity and many diseases. Reasons Of obesity : Irregularity of Meal : High calorie food are the main reason of obesity, Fast food is another important factor. Normal person needs 1500 to 2100 calorie but due to taste we take 3000 to 4000 calorie food. due to this the excess calorie get deposited in the body in the form of fats and

Constipation Reasons and Remedies

What is Constipation ?, Reasons of Constipation, Effects of constipation, How To free from constipation?, Free tips to over come from constipation, How Astrology Help in constipation, houses of kundli responsible for constipation Astrologer for health problems analysis and remedies. Constipation Reasons and Remedies Constipation is the most rapidly growing problem of this world.In every family we can find the patient of constipation. Constipation problem includes the problem related to indigestion of food. Constipation | Reasons | Remedies Stomach is a miraculous store room gifted by god to us. Most of the chemical reaction to keep the body healthy takes place here. Stomach is also the root cause of many complicated diseases too. If we take food when we are hungry then digestive system the food is digested and the required elements are absorbed from the food and keep the body fit, but when excess food is taken or improper food is taken then it leads to constipation, ac

Vastu Tips For Apartments

Vastu for apartments, how to make apartments as per vastu, vastu tips for healthy and wealthy life, Astrologer and vastu consultant views, Remedies of apartment vastu problems. In this digital age land are not available so easily and so the apartments are one of the best alternate to fulfill the dream of own house. But many times it happens that after start living in any apartment the life of a person become hell. One of the main reason of this is the defect in vastu of apartment, availability of the negativity in the premises. So to avoid this negative impacts in life it is very necessary to make the apartment as per the rules of vastu which will help both the builder as well as the family which will reside their. Vastu Tips For Apartments In this article you will find the ways to make the apartments as per vastu principles. Make healthy apartments to make the healthy nation. While planning an apartment we have to consider the following things- Entrance of the ap

Vastu Tips For Bed Room

Vastu Tips For Bed Room, what to do for a sound and energetic sleep, how to make our bed room as per vastu principles, best ways to make our night life healthy, Astrologer and Vastu Consultant View. Many times i heard from people regarding problems during night like insomnia, nightmares, uncomfortable sleep, fear during night in bed room etc. One of the main reason of many of this types of problem is defect in vastu of bedroom. Bedroom is a place where we spend half of our life because we sleep for about 7 to 8 hours daily in bedroom. So it is very necessary to make our bedroom free from any type of defects related to vastu or negative energies or pollution of different kinds otherwise it may lead to unhealthy night and unhealthy life too.  Vastu Tips For Bed Room There are many points which we have to keep in mind while planning for bedroom like as- Place for bedroom in house.  Where to put bed in bedroom. Interior of bedroom. Color scheme of bedroom. Lighting

Vastu Tips For offices

Vastu tips for office, how to make our office as per vastu, importance of vastu in offices, Astrologer and vastu Consultant views. Office is a place where we work for our livelihood, it is a place which is very important from all point of view if we really want to live a successful life. So it needs special attention. It is our duty to take all the necessary steps to make our office full of positive energy so that we may make our life and others life smooth, beautiful and comfortable.  Vastu Tips For offices If the members of top management and employees are not satisfied and even if the clients are also not satisfied then be sure that there may be the impact of negativity in office because of which feeling of dissatisfaction is arising. An office as per vastu will easily bring the name, fame, money in the life of persons who are running the office. So using vastu principles will definitely open a new world of success.  While planning for office we have to put focus

Headache Reasons and Remedies

Headache reasons and Remedies, types of headache, astrology reasons of headache, solutions through astrology and alternative medicines, tips to over come from headache,  Astrologer for perfect solutions of health problems. Generally everyone has headache some times in life. Many has the problem of headache daily but don't know the reasons. Headache Reasons and Remedies Important Points About Headache: 75% have headache for a moment. 50% struggles with serious headache. 25% face the serious headache again and again. 12% has migraine problem. 4% are suffering from daily headache problem. Types of Headache: Headache Due to Tension:  This is the most common type of headache and is due to tension and due to keep the neck in a single position for long time. The Remedy of this headache is easy and don't need to go to doctor always. Migraine: This is also a type of headache which harasses a person regularly after a certain interval. This may be due to

How To Increase Eye Sight or Vision?

How To Increase Vision? Dietary Management, Astrology reasons of vision problems, Astro Remedies To Increase Eye Vision, Astrology To Increase vision, Best Ways to Increase Vision, Astrologer for Health Problems and remedies. astrology tips to increase vision How to Increase Eye Sight or how to get rid of the spectacles ? A common question in the mind of everyone who is suffering from the problems of eye sight or vision. In this article you will get the remedies to increase the eye sight. What can be done so that there will be no use of glasses in life and if it is then what to do so that glasses can be off and the eyesight increases.  Get Beautiful Eyes !! Increase Your Eye Sight Lets see point by point to take care of our eyes : To increase the eye sight Try to Walk on Green grass without sleeper in the morning for about half an hour. Take a fresh glass of Carrot juice in the morning it is very beneficial to increase the eye sight. Give proper exercise to eyes

Diseases Reasons and Astrology Remedies

Disease and Astrology, Perfect remedies of sufferings through astrology ways, Solutions of Anaemia  appendicitis  allergy, eczema, phlebitis, polio, syphilis, colitis, AIDS etc through powerful astrology, Best solutions of chronic diseases with astrology and occult science, Tips to over come from diseases easily through astrology ways, Astrologer for Chronic Diseases solutions.   Diseases Reasons and Astrology Remedies Anemia and Astrology: Due to lack of iron in body anemia arises. In this disease red blood cells are affected in blood. In females the menstruation is also an important reason of anemia. Some times in accidents blood loss become one of the reason of anemia. The lack of vitamin B and Folic acid also brings anemia. Fade skin and tiredness, phobia, dullness are the main symptoms of anemic patients. Astrology View on anemia: If the trikon places are empty then chances of this disease arises. When sun and Saturn generates malefic effects and digestive system

Best Ways to celebrate Christmas

Best Ways to celebrate Christmas, How to celebrate Christmas?, fun ways to celebrate Christmas, things to remember before planning for Christmas party, Astrologer For New Year predictions. Now a days Christmas celebration is not simple but huge events are organised to celebrate Christmas, it is because of availability of high-tech resources and another most important reasons to get this time socially to enjoy time freely. In this article let's move and see how we can make our Christmas celebration more powerful, fascinating. ways to celebrate chrismas Have some tips and then plan your Christmas party, Christmas celebration. If you want religious celebration then do read the holy book bible and try to make the scene of the teachings of Jesus life which will help the children to learn some important lessons. It will also help you to enter in the spiritual world too.  Arrange a social program to earn virtue for example you can collect funds and help poor with cloths, fo

Vastu Tips For Banks and financial Institutions

Vastu Tips For Banks and financial Institutions , how to make banks for better service, Tips of vastu to make the processing in banks smooth, What to do for smooth functioning of bank?, Astrologer and Vastu Consultant Views Banks are the financial institutions where inflow and outflow of money is going on continuously. A small mistake will create a havoc in bank. It is very necessary to establish a calm an energetic environment in bank so that to work smoothly without any hurdles. Vastu Tips For Banks and financial Institutions Problems Arises In Banks Due To Wrong Vastu: As I cleared above that banks are important as they deals in finance. They serve the society so important care must be taken while establishing banks. If there is a problem in vastu then following problems may arises in bank- Office staff may feel uncomfortable in office premises. Mental and physical pressure will be felt by staff.  Conflicts will take place among the employees.  Manager and staf

Vastu Tips For Kids Room

Vastu tips for kids room, How to make our children room as per vastu, best vastu tips to make kids room for better development. When we talk about our family then we can't ignore our kids who gives us the reason to live, who gives us a motive to work, who makes our life smooth. Kids room is also very important like as other rooms of house. Because kids passes most of the time in their room and for their development it is must that their room must be energized so that they get better environment for development. Vastu Tips For Kids Room While designing the Children room as per vastu we have to consider the following points: Where to place bed? Where to place the study table? Where to place cupboard. Where to place toys? Where to place dressing table? Color of the room etc. Now let's have some details of Vastu for Kids room: North-West direction is good to make children room. Bed should be placed in such a way that the head will be towards East or Wes

Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Vastu tips for kitchen, how to make kitchen as per vastu, how to make our kitchen full of energy?, Astrologer and vastu consultant view. Kitchen is the place where the meal is prepared so it is very important. If we eat healthy then we become healthy. So it is said that energized kitchen is necessary so that the family become healthy and wealthy. In vastu also tips are given to make our kitchen healthy. Vastu Tips For Kitchen While analyzing the kitchen we have to keep in mind the following points: Direction of the kitchen in house. Where to put the cooking gas. Where to put the sink. In which direction we have to keep face while cooking. Where to place the refrigerator as per vastu. Where to put the other electrical appliances. Color of the kitchen. Where to put the cylinder etc.  So there are many important questions arise in mind while designing a kitchen in the house. Here in this article i am focusing on the kitchen vastu. Let's Know the Answer of A

Vastu Tips For Drawing Room

Vastu Tips For Drawing Room, points to keep in mind while making drawing room, best vastu tips for drawing room by Vastu consultant and Astrologer. It is said that first impression is very important and drawing put the first impression in the minds of guests and our family members too. Vastu Tips For Drawing Room Drawing room is very important because of the following reasons- We entertain our guests in drawing room.  Our family members also spend lot of time in this room.  Small parties and gossips are also done in drawing room. So it is very important to make this room as per vastu principles so as to make our time fruitful.  While making drawing room we have to keep in mind the following things- Sitting arrangements in drawing room.  Direction of decorative items such as lamps, paintings, fountains, aquarium. Direction of TV and Music System. Direction of Wall Clock. Color Shades of the room. Now let's have some details of Drawing room As per Vast

Vastu Tips For Pooja Room

Vastu tips for pooja room, how to make pooja room to get success in life, Precautions while making pooja room as per vastu, Vastu consultant and Astrologer Views. Pooja room is very important in any house because it is the source of energy in that home. We generally start our daily life by worshiping, meditating or any other rituals so that our day may pass good. So it is very important to keep some important things in mind as per vastu principles so that to get good result life long. Vastu Tips For Pooja Room Pooja room is the place to perform some spiritual practices to gain positive energies to live life successfully. It is necessary to keep this room clean and sacred.  While planning to make pooja room it is good to consider the following points- Direction of pooja room i.e. where to make the room for worship in the house. Place To Install The God Statue like shiv ling, idol of ganeshji, durgaji, kalash etc.  Color of the Pooja room.  Size of the statues of god

How To Score In IELTS Exam ?

IELTS exam is very important to get the Permanent residency. The full form of IELTS is international enlish language testing system. This is compulsory for the the seeker of permanent residency. IELTS EXAM Tips through astrology Wikipedia  also gives great information on this exam to get permanent residency in foreign countries.  Sometimes it is seen that some person passed it very easily but some people even after doing too much hard work not able to get success in this exam. By studying many cases I want to share my experiences and tips to clear this exam to get permanent residency. As an astrologer I got several cases related to this exam and there main question was that "I am doing too much study but till now I am unable to pass this International English Language Testing System". What To Do?. By studying there Kundli I have found the following planetary problems: Some has problem in Ist house i.e. First house was affected by malefic planets and due

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