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Karwa Chauth Significance

When is Karwa chouth in 2023, history with way to perform karwa chowth pooja, benefits of kawa mata pujan and astrology.  A day for which whole the year married women wait, a day in which whole the day wife keep a fast for the well being of husband, a day to worship karwa goddess is known as Karwa choth. In India this day is celebrated with huge craze and ladies are seems to be excited too much on this day. This day husbands are also feel proud because in the night, wives worship there husbands. This pooja is the symbol of rich tradition of the great India. In 2023, karwachouth will be celebrated on 1st of November wednesday. karwachoth astrology importance This day falls before deepawali and on the 4th day after sharad poornima, ladies celebrate this with fun and masti. This day is very important for both husband and wife as husbands are worshiped on this day and in return they give auspicious gifts to their partners. हिंदी में पढ़िए करवाचौथ के बारे में   Karwachoth

Kartik Month Importance

when is Kartik Month in 2023, What to do for success in kartik month, importance of kartik bath, Astrologer for easy remedies of problems. If you are facing financial problem then kartik month is best to do the rituals for making money, if you want to please the goddess of money mahalaxmi then kartik month is the best month to do pooja to get the blessings of mata laxmi. People who are aware of kartik month importance do not leave a single day and perform the best possible efforts to open the way of success. In 2023, kartik month is from 29th october to 27th November. Kartik Month Importance kartik month is also important because dhan teras, diwali, karwa choth etc are the important occasion which comes only in this kartik month. So this month is a month to perform sound rituals or pooja(puja) to remove the hurdles or obstacles in life.  Importance of Kartik isnaan or kartik bath: As per Indian mythology taking bath in holy river during kartik month is very auspici

Best Career As Per Astrology

Real career for real success, career astrology, jyotish for career guidance, 'Astrologer Astroshree' for guidance related to career, Important houses in analysis, list of fields to make career. career astrology Choosing career is one of the toughest job in life. Parents are also worrying about this most important part of human life. From high school parents are thinking about the career and as per that they choose subject for the child. A wrong decision will change the whole life at this time. So keen reading of horoscope is needed at this time. So astrologer perform a vital role in this area.  I have many times cleared in my articles that kundli or horoscope is the mirror of human life. It reveals many important thing about the person. So by analysing the horoscope, jyotish try to know the planetary impacts in life and then suggest the best field for livelihood.  Some choose career as per nakshatra, some choose field as per zodiac, some choose as per the karma house

Totkay For Kartik Month

What to do for success in kartik month, totke to improve business and to attract money, best poojas to do on karthik period, astrologer for reading and solutions. As I said in my previous article that kartik month is one of the best month to perform the pooja or rituals to attract money. Devotees perform pujas to attain the desired success on this month of kartik. So in this article I am going to tell you some important totkay which will open the way of success. In 2023, kartik month is from 29th of october to 27th of November. पढ़िए   कार्तिक महीने के लिए टोटके हिंदी में totkay for kartik month Totkay For Karthik Month For Success: If you want to please mahalaxmi then start the special meditation with 'Shreem' beej mantra daily in the morning and in the night before sleeping. In kartik maas or month chant the 'shree suktam' daily and before that offer deepak with clove to mahalaxmi. Read about  Deepawali Tantra For Success . Rope a 'Tulsi P

Sharad Poornima- What To Do ? | Importance

When is Sharad Poornima in 2023, What To Do to attract success in life?, Some facts related to Shard Poornima and importance, Whom To Worship as per Astrology. The most powerful full moon night of the year is sharad purnima and it is believed that if anyone is facing financial problem and health issues then it is good to worship in the night of sharad poornima. This night is also related with blessings of goddess mahalaxmi.  Sharad poornima 2023: As per vedic astrology, if moon is powerful in birth chart then person live a prosperous life on the other hand debilitated or weak moon leads to dissatisfied life and weak mind power. So moon is very powerful from the point of view of vedic astrology.  Sharad Purnima in 2023 is on Saturday, 28 October. Purnima Tithi will start at 4:19 am in the morning on 28th October and will last till around 1:54 pm in the afternoon on 29th October. As per the Hindu calender there are 12 full moon days i.e. poornima in 12 month. Among them the SHAR

Chandra Grahan Significance

When is Chandra grahan in october 2023, date and timings of lunar eclipse, significance as per astrology, Sutak timings,  dos and don’ts during eclipse period. Eclipse is actually not good from the point of view of science because harmful rays generated at that times so it is advised to not see the grahan or eclipse or not to come in contact with rays any how.  But there is another very positive aspect of grahan and i.e. worship at this time is very powerful, prayers are accepted easily at the time of Grahan or eclipse and so Tantriks, scholars, devotees wait whole year for the Chandra grahan or Surya grahan. As per vedic astrology Moon/chandra is related with mind, coolness, dreaming power, mother etc. Zodiac Cancer is related with Moon. Metal related with this planet is silver and color related is white.  when will chandra grhan happen हिंदी में पढ़िए 2023 का आखरी चन्द्र ग्रहण कब लगेगा ? Actually emotional feelings are related with Moon and so persons who have probl

Astrology Remedies To Prevent Break up in Marriage

Astrology Remedies To Prevent Break up in Marriage, What to do for smooth relationship, How to make our marriage life successful, how to stop divorce, Astrology advice to prevent break up, Totkay to Prevent Break up, Pooja To prevent breakup, Astrologer for the solutions of breakup. Looking for effective astrology remedies to prevent a breakup in marriage? This comprehensive article covers 25 engaging solutions, insights, and first-hand experiences to ensure a lasting and harmonious marriage. Discover the power of astrology in nurturing your relationship and preventing marital issues, breakup. Read on to find answers to FAQs and valuable tips to maintain a strong and loving bond with your partner. Astrology Remedies To Prevent Break up in Marriage Marriage is a very sacred ritual to unite 2 person two family but it can face challenges and rough patches over time. When faced with the prospect of a breakup, seeking guidance from astrology can provide valuable insights a

Spells To Remove Evil Eye Effects

Powerful mantra to remove evil eye, नजर दोष उतरने का मंत्र, Parshwanatha-Padmavati Mantra, remove evil eye with Rudra Mantra. Najar dosh is very dangerous because it causes physical problems, mental problems, relations may sour, works get spoiled etc. In today's article, we will know 2 such spells by using which we can remove any evil eye. The evil eye can affect anyone like an elder, a child, a woman, a man. Spells To Remove Evil Eye Effects हिंदी में पढ़िए नजर दोष से बचने का शक्तिशाली मंत्र कौन से हैं ? Let us know what can be the problem due to evil eye/Najar Dosh: If the child is affected by evil eye effect then the child can stop eating. The child may fall ill again and again. Due to evil eye effect, the work done by the elders starts getting spoiled. Obstacles arise again and again in Marriage. Many times even after engagement, relationships break due to evil eye. The person gets sick again and again. Some kind of fear remains inside. So many problems arise due to evil e

Dusshera Totkay To Bring Success In Life

Totkay for dusshera, what to do to remove problems of life, best ideas to make life successful on dusshera. Dusshera is one of the biggest festival in India which is celebrated with full of excitement everywhere. This celebration reminds us about the victory of lord Rama over Ravan. Dusshera Totkay To Bring Success In Life This is very auspicious day from the point of view of ASTROLOGY too because this is the day when we can perform many rituals to overcome from problems. For the decades Scholars are doing many TOTKAYS to make life successful on Dusshera . In this article we will see some easy ways to make life successful. These totkay are easy to perform on Vijayadushmi to attract health, wealth and success. We get Sarwarth siddhi yoga on Dusshera and it is good to perform the TOTKAYS in this auspicious time so do consult astrologer to know the best time to perform rituals or totkay. हिंदी में पढ़िए  दशहेरा के लिए टोटके Some Totkays For Dusshera to Bring Lu

Shami Tree Astrology

Shami tree astrology, Prosopis cineraria importance as per astrology, Shani and shami, how to take benefits from shami tree. For the decades shami tree is being worshiped by scholars, brahmins, tantrik, astrologers etc. Now the question is that why shami tree is worshiped, what is the secret of shami tree, what are the benefits we can get through shami or prosopis-cineraria. How to worship shami tree and why to worship shami. Here in this article I am going to reveal the secret of shami. Shami Tree Astrology Shami is also known as khejari, saangri etc. It is available every where but not in abundance. But due to lack of knowledge it is not possible by every one to take the benefits from shami tree. As per astrology shami tree is associated with planet Saturn or shani. So to please shani shami is worshiped, to get the blessings of shani shami is worshiped, to over come from shani sadesati shami tree is worshiped. In Wikipedia also knowledge of shami tree is given. Sha

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