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Divine Snake Mantra To Remove obstacles of life

Names of 9 powerful naga, Navnag strot, serpent spell to make life successful, Remedies of health issues, solution of debt problem, malefic rahu and ketu remedies. There are 9 serpents who are very powerful and have divine powers. When anyone recite the names of these nine snakes then no doubt unseen obstacles go away from life.  The divine spell to worship the 9 nagas is known as NAVNAG STROT.   This strot is so powerful that practitioner of this spell is able to overcome from curses, negative energies, rahu dosha, diseases, debts etc.  This is a healing mantra as well as protection mantra.  Divine Snake Mantra To Remove obstacles of life हिंदी में पढ़िए नवनाग स्त्रोत्रम के फायदे  Benefits of reciting 9 names of serpents/naga: If anyone is facing chronic health issues then this navnag strot is very helpful. If anyone is facing black magic problems in life then it is good to recite this navnag strot . If any lady is facing premature death of baby then it is good to worship snak

Sarp Suktam recitation benefits

Sarp suktam benefits, powerful remedy of kalsarp dosha , spell to please snakes god, save from poisonous impacts, best way to remove hurdles of life. Sarp sukt is one of the best prayer which is used to overcome from the malefic impacts of kalsarp yoga in horoscope/birthchart.  If you are facing following type of problems then do start reciting SARP SUKT and see the changes in life: Regularly having dream of snakes.  Dream of ancestors.  Obstacles in every work without any genuine reason. Failure in every segment of life.  Unwanted fear every time.  Snake biting dream. Enemy problems  Delay in marriage due to kalsrp yoga in horoscope.  Quarrel in family.  Sarp Suktam recitation benefits So sarp suktam is the remedy of many problems in life. If anyone devotedly recite this divine mantras and worship snake then no doubt life will transform magically. When and how to perform recitation of sarp sukt? In nagpanchmi, it is good to recite this divine mantras to overcome from sarp dosha

Naagpanchmi | नागपंचमी ! What To Do For Success

Power of Nag panchmi, What to do on naagpanchmi, How to worship on naagpanchmi, what not to do on naagpanchmi. How to get success through anusthaans on naagpanchmi. Naagpanchmi | नागपंचमी ! What To Do For Success Naagpanchmi is on 21st of August 2022, Monday If you are suffering from kaalsarp dosha, if you are suffering from pitra dosha, if you are suffering from rahu dosha, if rahu is generating malefic effects in your kundli, horoscope or janm patrika then DON'T MISS THE AUSPICIOUS DAY OF NAAGPANCMI. Naagpanchmi is celebrated on the month of shravan on the 5th day of moonlight after amavasya. This is very important festival for the devotees of Shiva and snake deity. This festival is also very important from the point of view of vedic astrology as many anusthans are performed on this day to rectify the malefic effects of planets. Let's see what type of Anusthaans are performed on Naagpanchmi For Successful Life: Kaalsarp dosh nivaran anusthaan or pooja i

Naag Panchmi How To Worship As Per Zodiac Signs?

Naag Panchmi importance as per astrology, Way to worship on naag panchmi as per zodiac signs, Astrologer views.  Naag panchmi is a very auspicious day to get the blessings of god of snakes. As per astrology Panchmi tithi is for worshiping the snakes and in the whole year naag panchmi is the day which comes in shrawan shukla paksh  and this is the special day for everyone who want solutions of problems which arises due to kalsarp dosha, vish dosha, rahu or ketu dosha, pitru dosha etc. . how to worship on nagpanchmi It is said that if any one worship snakes on this day then by their grace it is possible to get happiness, prosperity, good health, progeny easily. That's why in India people worship snakes on this special day.  If there is any curse of snakes in our kundli or horoscope then on naag panchmi it is possible to get rid of this easily. If there is kaal sarp yoga in kundli then also it is possible to minimize the impacts through special pooja on this day.

Powerful mantra gopal gayatri mantra for attraction and positivity

Powerful mantra gopal gayatri mantra for attraction and positivity, Krishna Attraction Mantra , Gopal Gayatri Mantra Chanting, Miraculous Krishna Mantra. Are you devotee of lord Krishna, do you want to increase your positive aura, do you want to make a great impression on others by transforming your personality then don’t hesitate to read this article completely? Here I am providing details of GOPAL GAYATRI MANTRA which is one of the best spell to enhance our positivity, our attraction power, mind power etc. Through attraction mantra, we can fulfill our unfulfilled desires in life, but the condition is that we should have complete faith in the mantra. We can achieve everything in our life by using Gopal Gayatri Mantra. Lord Krishna was the knower of all the disciplines, that's why there is nothing that was not in his control. The chanting of his mantra also increases tremendous attraction power within the chanter, due to which we can make a different identity in the society. Po

Hariyali Amavasya Significance

When is Hariyali amavasya in 2022, what rituals are important on this day for hurdle-free life, Shravan Amavasya for bright life as per vedic jyotish, planetary positions. In the year 2022, Hariyali Amavasya With Guru pushya yoga is on 28th of July, Thursday Shravan month is very auspicious as per hindus and the no moon day which comes in savan month is said to be the "HARIYALI AMAVASAYA". This day is related with the importance of monsoon and so is dedicated to greenery everywhere. On this day specially in hindi community, many important rituals are done. Devotees of lord shiva celebrate this day with great joy and devotion. hariyali amavasya 2022 Let's know the Different Names Of This Hariyali Amavasya In Different Region: In Andrapradesh people call this "Chukkala Amavasya" In Maharashtra people call it "Gatari amavasya". In Orissa people call it "Chitalagi Amavasya". In Gujarat people call it "Divaso".

swarnakarshan bhairav mantra for money

Swarna Bhairav mantra chanting for money, wealth, perfect solution to get rid of poverty, remedy to remove misfortune, Process to chant the mantra of Swarnakarshan Bhairav. If misfortune is not leaving you, debt is increasing, wealth house is weak in the horoscope, then the person lives the life of hell. In such a situation, simple prayers do not work and the frustration goes on increasing. In such a state there is a very powerful remedy which is described in Rudrayamal Tantra. Thisis the worship of Swarnakarshan Bhairav. Lord Shiva had told Nandiji about this miraculous prayer. Swarnakarshan Bhairav ji had also filled the treasury of lord Kubera(god of wealth). swarnakarshan bhairav mantra for money Let us know some important points: Swarnakarshan bhairav is the sattvik form of Kaal Bhairav, so there is no such thing as fear in worshiping him.  He resides in PATAAL i.e. below earth.  Only pure substances are used in his worship like milk, nuts, sweets etc. Non-veg and wine a

Powerful spell of lord ganesha for success

Powerful spell of lord ganesha for success, Lord Ganesha Mantra to remove obstacles in life, ganpati vashikaran mantra for attraction and to attract success in life.  If you are suffering from bad luck, health issues, business loss, negative energies, fear then here is one of the best and powerful spell of shree ganesh. Regular recitation of this mantra will help a lot to remove hurdles of life and to attain success.  Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaum Gam Ganapataye Var Varada Sarva Janam Mey Vashmaanaya Swaha  Lord Ganesha is the Indian god who have the head of an elephant.  He is also known as GANPATI. As per hindu mythology, shree ganesh is worshipped first in any pooja. He is able to remove all the hurdles of life easily and so devotees pray to him.  Powerful spell of lord ganesha for success Shree ganesh has the super power to eliminate problems of our life easily and so if anyone is suffering from planetary problem, negative energy problem, financial problem, social problem, job i

Shiv Panchakshari strotram in english

Shiv Panchakshari strotram in english, what are the benefits from its recitation, For whom Shiv Panchakshari strotram is beneficial. Devotees of shiva worship lord in different ways, various mantras and strotram. One of the best way to attract blessings of lord shiva is Shiv Panchakshari Stotram. This contain praise of lord and also says important things about Lord Shiva like who he is, what are his powers. By reciting shiv panchakshri strotr we can easily solve many problems in our life. In vedic astrology when we talk about remedies then many, mantras, strotram, totkay, daan etc. are given to people. Here is one of the best remedy of kalsarp yoga, sarp dosha, enemies problem etc.  If anyone is suffering from kalsarp yoga in horoscope or birth chart then do recite the SHIV PANCHAKSHARI STROT daily in the morning and evening. After this also do chant “Om Namah Shivay” spell as per your capacity. This will help you a lot in life.  Shiv Panchakshari strotram in english शिव पंचाक्षरी

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